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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by lvibe, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Well after a lot of research I figured it was time to attemptmy first batch of jerky. I have 6 pounds 3 sweet and spicy and 3 teriyaki. I am just using kits for both. I am going to keep the temp at 160 from what I can tell that's what most people do. The only thing I am a little unsure of is knowing when it's done.

    I will update as the day goes
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    I made some up a week ago Sunday used using brisket and a seasoning/curing mix I got at Cabela's. This kit said to hold it at 200deg and it was done when an internal temp of 165 was hit. I held my smoker around 180 for most of the smoke, 5-6 hours then brought it up to 220 for the last three, to finish my ribs and the rest of the brisket.
    It came out really good and I wished I'd have done more than the pound I did!
    I hope this helps some and let us know how it comes out!
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    The thickness of the slices is going to be part of the answer as to when it is done. The thicker the slice the long it takes along with the temperature of the smoke. When you can stand it no longer pull a piece let it cool and check the taste and texture. By this time you can now pull another piece and repeat till you reach the results you want. 

    Here is a link to the beef jerky I recently posted for your information.

    Let us know the final results.

    Keep smokin.


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