First Hot Smoke a success :-)

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by curious aardvark, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Decided to play it fairly safe for my first serious hot smoke and smoke some thick sausages for cold slicing and eating.
    Used about 5lb pork shoulder with 1lb cooking bacon. Used vanilla vodka, honey, smoked paprika, fresh ground black pepper, garlic, smoked salt and coarse ground coriander for seasonings with a couple of handfuls of oats for rusk.
    Chopped it in the food processor as that makes a dryer cooking mix than mincing/grinding.
    It's a very low fat mixture - probably less than 10%. The idea was a sausage that wouldn't shrink too much during the smoking (and it didn't - as you can see).
    The salt, honey and vodka are all antibacterial agents - nothing else needed :)

    Loaded the sausages into 3 of the bradleys trays and put a shallow tray with apple juice beneath them for drips and to stop the sausages drying out too much (it seemed like a good idea at the time).

    After reading lots of different things and advice from the forum I decided to go for five hours at 80c (175 in the weird f numbers ;-).
    Once up to temp the bradley was rock solid. Didn't even seem to mind too much when I opened the door for a quick peak and poke at the sausages.
    Well wouldn't you ?

    The sausages taste and look fantastic, nowhere near as strong a smoke flavour as I was expecting. I've vac packed them for storage in the freezer. they'll just be defrosted and eaten as required :)

    Worked out the overall cost to be about £2 a sausage (approx $3.75).
    Which given the quality is pretty good. I don't think you can buy any commercial product with this high a meat content (and consequently a very low fat content)

    I admit to spending the entire afternoon hanging around the smoker to keep an eye on it. Which probably wasn't necessary. next time I'll have more confidence in it's temperature holding and just pop round to check it every now and then :)

    All in all a success and my first real hot smoke. Pics below.
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    Fine lookin' smoke you did there, Aardvark....[​IMG]

  3. One thing I forgot to add. The tray that initially had apple juice in it, came out encrusted with a thick semi-sticky honeycombed carbon crust.
    Not sure how that happened - maybe the sugar in the appple juice mixed with the sausage juice.
    I wasn't expecting it so it seemd a bit weird :)

    Proably normal lol

    Oh yeah the sausages were stuffed very tightly into natural pork casings. Thought they'd look better curled. next time I'll probably make them straight as you'd get more per tray and they'd cut better lol
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    Looks wonderful!![​IMG]
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    Looks like good eatin'![​IMG]
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    Congrats on the hot smoke [​IMG] Looks great
  7. NICE![​IMG]
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    good job[​IMG]
  9. Just a quick addendum.
    Have now passed bits of sausage around to a few people - everyone said they were really great :)
    Always nice to know lol

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