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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jtmarrs, Apr 14, 2008.

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    first off, thanks to all for the warm welcome. i had heard that this group was congenial. secondly, what i am using now is a straight up gas grill that i have mcguivered up to try and get a decent smoke out of. i am going to hit the markets for a charcoal or propane smoker. i used to have a little bullet shaped hybrid (propane/charcoal) that worked great. got many a pound of awesome q out of it. the my rub supplier went out of business and my smoker rusted out so i have been in a smokeless state for a while, but that can only last so long. i have just rolled up a fatty and put it on my contraption to see how it turns out. I went with a muffeleta theme and loaded it with salami, smoked gouda and olive salad. i will check back in about two hours from now and report on the outcome. i have never tried a fatty but love the concept. i couldn't think of a single thing that wouldn't benefit from bein wrapped in a pork product and slow smoked! thanks again for the warm welcome and reopening the world of smokey meats![​IMG]
  2. Yep, I see you are about as creative with the user name as I. I did 3 fatties yesterday! A pizza fatty with italian seasoned diced tomatoes, mozz, mushroom and pepperoni. A mexican fatty with mexican crumbled cheese, jalapeno, drained salsa and black beans. And then just your run of the mill one with mushrooms and cheese. The mexican one was awesome. Hope you enjoy it. We have to figure out how to do the q-view thing so we can start including pics.
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    Wow, now that is a creative fatty!
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    Hey guys, I am a newcomer here as well...I will try to help you with the pictures. Go to a hosting site, I use Upload your photos after you create your profile. Under each photo, you see several boxes with links...for this site, you will use : Direct Link.

    When you are posting here and are ready to include Q-View, click the icon above that says "Insert Image" when you hover over it. (It is 6th from the right on the top of the text box.) If you have a pop up blocker, turn it off, because the next step is a pop up. Copy and paste the "Direct Link" from Photobucket. Your image will magically appear and the rest of us can drool over your smoked concoction that you spent your whole day off of work creating.

    Hope this helps!
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    I will try that and get some pics on. that fatty turned out pretty nice. bubbly brown sausage look on the outside and smellin nicely smoked. turned out nicely roulade interior after cutting and incredibley delicious. the ranks of the fatty addicted have grown again.
  6. Sounds great JT...Nice job man!!! [​IMG]
  7. Hey SmokinJoe, I have a question for you that may sound absolutely ludicrous but I'm stumped. I have the Chargriller DUO which is basically identical to the Chargriller PRO just smaller because it also has a gas grill. Anyway, the SFB is the same set-up as yours. Do you have any difficulty keeping your temp above 200? I have a hell of a time. Even with the damper wide open and even the drawer pulled out a 1/2 inch or so, I still struggle to make 200. I have built a charcoal box out of wire mesh thinking that too many small coals were falling between the grates and thus hindering my air flow. That didn't make any differrence. My new theory is 2-fold and sounds crazy. Tell me what you think. My driveway is at a bit of an angle and because of the way I had the grill positioned, the fire was almost above the hole leading into the smoking chamber. I'm not thermodynamics expert but it seems that this might make a difference. I rotated the thing and got a little bump in temp but not enough to have to use the damper to control the heat. I'm also thinking that maybe I get too much charcoal in the box. It's usually filled up damn near the top. Would this prevent that charcoal from burning its hottest? I'm very interested in other people's take on this. A temp of 150-200 doesn't make for a very safe smoke and it takes WAY TOO LONG. Thanks in advance and sorry for the length of this post.
  8. Hey jlansink, Here is the method that I use. I start with 1 chimney full of lump charcoal and light it off. I let it burn for roughly 15 to 20 min. Then dump it in with the damper wide open, and of course the smoke stack wide open. In less than 30 min I am at or above 250 degrees with no problem and I adjust the intake to bring the temp down to my desired setting.

    I recently got a basket, as before I was just dumping lump and wood onto the cheap bbq grate that came with the unit. I also use a metal juice can with holes punched in it for my wood chunks to go into. Its hard to say why you arent getting the heat...when I first bought mine and was seasoning it, I had the temp up to 400+ degrees with just a chimney full of kingsford briq's and a log.
  9. SmokinJoe, I replied back to your message but have no idea if I did it right. Let me know if you don't get it. Like the message says, I think it just hit me. I'll bet my baffle is too long (that's what she said). It just runs the entire length of the chamber without any tuning plates. Oh well, like the UserID tag says..."Just getting started". Thanks again.
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    Congrats on the fatty jtmarrs........Sounds damn good..........Also welcome to the site......
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    Welcome JT, glad to have you here. Congrats on the fatty and the idea. I love trying different things.

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