First Fattie.............Pierogi Style

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  1. First off I have to give credit where credit is deserved to Stauf
    .............I thought the Pierogi Stuffed fattie was a beautiful creation. I have been on this thread for a week, absolutely AMAZED at all the wonderful pieces of art you all come up with. This is by far the best community out there for ideas, comments, and suggestions. You all are wonderful critics.....keep up the good work!!!! Here are a few pics of my very first fattie. My family was absolutely blown away with the taste of it. We had with baked potatoes and some green beans. It was a wonderful dinner.  

    I actually used 3 lbs of sausage. The blue moon was for my enjoyment while I waited for the masterpiece to finish

    The one thing I did different from Stauf was I chopped up the onion rather than slice. 

    I used a combo of Apple and Oak smoke and the flavor was like no other. 

    I did butter up the Perogi's before wrapping.......hence the Country Crock. 

    It was wonderful!!!! Thanks again Stauf for the great idea. 
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  3. Pops6967, 

    If I had the resources and time that would be delicious. A friend of mine visits his family every so often and sometimes he brings back home made sausage that his family makes. I will definitely have to tell him to bring some back when he goes home to visit. Thanks for the tip. 
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    Thank you for the kind words. But I gotta say, it looks to me like you're a natural at doing fatties. My mouth is watering just looking at your pics. You did a great job on this one! I also appreciate the Blue Moon, nice touch! (my favorite brew). I'm looking forward to seeing more of your tasty meals.
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    OMG, looks amazing. I must try this
  6. That looks amazing! I love pierogies. 
  7. Stauf, 

    I am a big fan of Perogies being that I'm a central Pennsylvanian. I saw your post and said "I have to make that". Whats funny is I emailed my dad the pics (lives in central PA), and the first thing he asked me was..............when we come down there (to VA) will you make that for us? It's quite flattering. Great idea Stauf!!! Keep thinking outside the box......great ideas!!!  Oh and another note is I've sent these pic's to my buddies that are into smoking and they were blown away......I provided all with sample of this. They were dumbfounded with the ingredients. I've got an idea for this weekend for a cheeseburger fatty so I'll posting pic's soon. 
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