First cook on the verticle gasser

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by calebj06, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Hey fellas. So I stole my dads verticle gasser that he doesn't use any more. It's a smoky mountain brand.

    I started to use it last weekend and the regulator went out so I had to borrow his pellet grill. So I fixed the regulator today and while I was at it I added a ball valve for a little more control. I would have preferred a needle valve but couldn't find any. After I got it all together though I didn't even need it. It will hold temps down around 170 by itself.

    So I think tonight is gonna be my first overnight cook with a couple butts. Hopefully it goes well.

    I also bought an igrill2 from lowes. Comes with 2 probes and will bluetooth to my phone from up to 150'!! Now I can lay in bed at the alarm will tell me if something goes screwy or if my meat is done.

    Can't wait to try it all out. I'm gonna buy a green mountain in a few weeks but this is gonna have to do for now.

    Igrill says the smoker is sitting at 225 right now and holding. The top vent is all the way open. The side vents are just slightly cracked. The water pan has a gallon of water in it.

    Anything else I should be doing??? Should I add more water if it runs dry??

    Also, how do you all add chips if needed?? Once the first box full runs out it looks like it's gonna be tough to get in there and add more...... Any help???

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    Well. I put it on about 9:40 last night.
    Here is where we started.

    This is where I was around mid night when I fell asleep

    And now at 4:30AM my high grill temp just woke me. My water pan went dry and let the temp in the smoker creep ever so slightly all night to the point it went over 270. So I added more water, cracked a lower vent and moved my meat probe to make sure I was getting a good reading.

    Now it's back to bed for a few hours. I'm not foiling so I'm prepared for the stall!!
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    9 AM and I'm at 195. I'm gonna let it got until 200 and then pull it off and wrap it and into the cooler it goes until lunch.

    The stall started right at 175 degrees in my last pic above. It went from 4:30 AM until about 7:30 or so.
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    EXACTLY 12 hours later it's at 200. Wrapped it up and in the cooler it goes until lunch time. Q view to follow
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  5. Good for you! I'd love to have a fancy thermometer like that. I can see how it would save a lot of the work and worry of babysitting it all night.

    Hopefully you got some pics!


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