First Brisket today!

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  1. Got the brisket on at 8 AM...Noticed my woodchips I had been soaking for my Weber Smoky Mountain 14 had already turned to a chunk of Ice LOL!

    Smoker was at 225 degree's the entire time so far.

    8:30 internal Temp was 86

    9:00 Internal Temp was 118

    9:30 Internal Temp was 140 Got my 140 degree's in good time!

    10:15 Internal Temp was 151

    10:45 Internal Temp was 154

    11:15 Internal Temp was 158

    12:30 Internal Temp was 168

    I wrapped it here in foil and added a little apple juice and brown sugar mix.

    Stalled around 172 for almost an hour...I just let it run...Sat back and had a few cups of Joe.It started climbing again pretty quickly and I pulled it off the smoker at 197 degrees a few minutes ago and wrapped it in towels in a 170 degree oven and then turned it off....Will know how it turned out around 4:30

    6 1/2 hours cook time for a 4 and a half pound brisket...seems about right??

    Tried the toothpick test through the top of the foil and felt like cotton candy!

    About halfway through the smoke...(Above)

    After a six and a half hour Smoke and a two hour rest (Above)

    Beautiful Moist and Tender!  Nice Light Hickory Smoke Ring too! (Love Hickory on anything LOL!)

    Turned out fantastic!

    Made Nice Brisket and slaw burgers!...just enough left for dinner tomorrow night as well! (Or maybe lunch if I can wait that long?)

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    Ernie, when ya get a minute, would ya please click the "My Profile" icon on the above toolbar. Take a few and let us know as little or as much as you are comfortable with..... but most importantly add in where you lay your head down to sleep at night. It'll keep folks from asking you all the time. Why? Cause geographic location can help when in a discussion or answering questions or asking them as well.

    I'd sure 'nuff appreciate it, thank ye thank ye.
  4. Got it covered Foamheart!  Profile updated!

    I'm in Guntucky!


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