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    Yesterday I put a huge brisket on the smoker. I was quite pleased with the results.

    I have a Char Griller with the side fire box. It does not seem to get very hot so I end up finishing my meats in the oven. I smoked this brisket for about six or seven hours and then wrapped it well and placed it in the oven on 200 for about four more hours. . After the bake in the oven I shut it off and let the brisket sit and cool in the oven for a few hours. The meat came out soft. Not cut it with a fork soft, but soft none the less. I did not use sugar on the rub and only placed salt and pepper this time. However, in the last few hours of the smoke I coated the brisket with maple syrup. I did notice a strong salt or pepper flavor once cooked. Also, I did not have thick bark. When I use brown sugar on my other meats, the brown sugar blackens and a thick bark forms.

    I wish I would have taken a photo. I did see the nice red ring around the outer surface of the meat and it was so tasty when I was eating it. I like mine with BBQ sauce and that made a world of difference. I killed the last two briskets.

    I am very new to smoking meats and wonder if I am on the right track. It was very tasty but not award winning.

    The next time I put in the oven I will take it out to let it cool. I thought the meat was slightly dry. But not too bad.

    Thanks, John

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