first brisket is it really done?!?!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kevinpn, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. kevinpn

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    Been smoking lots of things, Pork, chicken, ham.   I get that i need patience thats not an issue for the stall.  I hit my 6# brisket yesterday with my rub and it was on the mini-wsm this am at 5.  I have an igrill2 that i use on my butts and chicken i know its accurate.  smoker running steady between 240-250.  175 hit at 8:41 am, wrapped in 3 layers of foil back on the smoker. 205 hit at 11:45am, it is now in a SS pan covered in foil and wrapped in towels and a blanket, ( we are in an RV and the cooler is used for the beer, cant let the beer suffer and get warm!).  So here is the question 7 hours and NO stall.  I was watching for it, i wanted to time it for my log, this seems really quick to be done with all that I have read on here regarding brisket.  Do y'all think it will come out as it should?  Dinner is at 6pm and I wanted to give my self time for the stall etc...
  2. smokesontuesday

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    6# Brisket flat only?

    Hour/Pound is kind of quick but not crazy for a flat @ 250 degrees. If it's IT was 205 and it was probe tender I don't see any reason to doubt what you're seeing.

    I'd imagine it will be just fine. Every piece of meat is different. I've never had briskets fail to stall but I don't see any reason why they couldn't.
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  3. smokeymose

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    A stall is kind of normal, but not Gospel. Consider yourself lucky and get that beer back in the cooler!

  4. seenred

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    Since that brisket weighed only 6 lbs, it's not a big surprise that you didn't get a stall cooking at 250*. In my experience, smaller chunks of meat are less likely to stall at all, or will have only short stalls. I'd venture to guess that when you smoke a 12-16 lb packer, you'll be more likely to expect a stall.

  5. jcbigler

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    I agree. For a 6 pound brisket I think 7 hours is plenty for to get it done when cooking at 250ish. 
  6. kevinpn

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    Thanks guys!  I'm gonna run an errand and then get back unwrap the fella and carve it up!  Ill post a pic then.
  7. b-one

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    Wrapping in foil helps push thru/avoid the stall even more so with a smaller cut.
    Hope it turns out,will be waiting for pics!:drool
  8. smokinal

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    How did it turn out?

  9. kevinpn

    kevinpn Newbie

    It turned out great! Gonna find a full packer next time. The wife loved it.


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