First Brisket ever!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ycastane, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. ycastane

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    So last night I attempted to go down the brisket road after many many threads of brisket read. Since I had a busy wknd I couldn't do it throughout the day so I decided to do it over night.

    I slapped the brisket with some salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, chilli powder and chipotle powder, and threw it in the MES at 225 around 10 pm, by midnight it was at 150 IT but I got scared so I wrapped it in foil and dropped the temp to 180, took it out this morning around noon with an IT of 189 and wrapped it in new foil and towel and into the cooler. 2.5 hrs later I removed from cooler and began slicing.

    Sorry for the photos but I didn't take pictures of the brisket before and after prep, just know before and after slicing.

    Results, amazingly tender, it was falling apart while I was slicing it, I did stab it with one of those meat tenderizing tools with a bunch of blades just in case lol, flavor really wasn't there, extremely bland, tastes better with a bit more salt but still not a big deal, since this meat wasn't labeled I can assume it was SELECT, I need to find a place around here to see if they carry better grades of meat, my costco's around don't carry packers just flats.

    Anyways here are some pics.
  2. alblancher

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    How did you get an IT of 189 if you are cooking at 180?  That thing sure ran up to 150 quick, any chance the thermos are bad?
  3. ycastane

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    Well what I think it was is that maybe when I probe the meat I place the thermometer at an angle and that perhaps threw it off, this morning when I woke up around 10 I brought up the heat up to 230 and around noon I got it to 189 IT, upon waking up it was at 171 IT, thermo I doubt is bad, I have 2 and they both work good so far, one of them is the one with the wireless receiver which I forgot the name right now and is fairly new, couple months old.

    Yeah that was my first thought, it got to 150 super fast which is why I drop the temp in hopes I would wake up before it was done, once again I think it was the way I placed the therm in the meat because I felt it but I left it that way anyways.
  4. alblancher

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    okie doke

    You may want to keep an eye on the smoker temp and see that those temps are accurate.   

    Good Luck,  glad it worked out for you but I'm surprised you called it bland with the rub you used.
  5. ycastane

    ycastane Smoke Blower

    Yeah maybe I should have used way more salt and probably leave it over night with the rub, I did it right before I put it into the MES so that might be, not sure! Next time I will do it the right way with a nicer grade brisket as well. For now I'll use this meat as steak sammies!

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