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    Hey all,

    The MES40 is seasoned and ready to roll.  On the menu, small Boston Butt, one rack of St. Louis, and chicken thighs. I guess a little ambitious... but I like jumping in the deep end. As I am familiar with the importance of good evidence, the Nikon D40 is charged and ready. I've a great deal of info on here, so thanks ahead of time! Fingers crossed...

  2. [​IMG]   And away we go!!   Can't wait to see what your Maiden Voyage looks like.

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    Best advise I can give is relax & have fun ! Q is supposed to be relaxing & not stressful.... Probably the hardest thing I had to learn, relax & enjoy...... We've enough stress in life that Q to me is a stress reliever ! Well Q & a couple cold ones ...:beercheer: I used to stress out & get all worked up, sometimes to the point where I wasn't having fun ! Bottom line, get the TBS flowing & a cooler with iced down beverage of choice..... Kick back & let some good times roll !
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    Thanks, guys! Ribs and chicken came out really good... Don't know if I would win any competitions, but they were better than most BBQ places around here... pork butt still cooking. And like you say.. this was all nice and easy... I have enough stress at work. Pics to follow!
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    Nice, lookin forward to some good ole Q view ! Thumbs Up
  6. AMEN brother!!!   Too many people worry too much about smoker temps.....spikes.....smoke....timing......sheesh.  I cook strictly to Internal Temp.  I have smoked enough to know basic timing for most if not all things I smoke.  I was a newbie once and I remember my first Butt (agonizing) but now I am all about setting and drinking some cold BEER [​IMG]
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    Okay Guys... here we go!  I thought I would start at the very beginning... as I am new to this forum, let me know if this is too much in the photo / blah, blah, blah department.  I had a good time today with my first smoke.  Think it all came out pretty well considering I'm a rookie!

    There's the new girl... seasoned and ready to go!  Thought I'd squeeze in a shot of very SE Florida in the background... I am a stone's throw away from the Everglades... very literally.  I have a nice preserve behind me and I have even seen some small deer back there...  Rare for S. FL.

    3.20 Boston Butt from Publix.  No brine or anything....

    Nice rub recipe I found online... brown sugar, paprika, etc.  Was gonna use the mustard thing, but I thought I would try without for my first one... It all still stuck very well.

    Going in... temp at 235F as I noted an approx. 10 pt difference in temp between the MES temp and my own.

    Once the butt was in I put in half a cup of the JD Oak Chips and Apple Chips.  Man do those JD chips smell good in the bag.  The whiskey has really permeated the wood.  I am a whiskey man... couldn't find any Jameson chips (my two fingers of choice).  Don't know if it will make a difference in the taste, but thought what the hey!

    And we're smokin'!!!

    Did one rack to see how they will be.  Not a big rib guy.  Before you see the end result, I am going to try and over-cook these a bit to suit my wife's taste... my soul mate prefers a hockey puck on her plate no matter what the meat. I know I will finish these on the grill or in the oven for her.  Trying the 3-2-1 method with these.

    In they go!

    Last, but not least, thighs.  My fav! Got the rub above and below the skin for the full effect...

    The new girl doing the thing packed up.  I read a lot of issues with these machines, but I guess I got one of the good ones.  Seemed to be a nice constant thin smoke until the chips burned up.  Refilled the chip reservoir 3 times today.  No doubt, I was making some mouths water on my street today with the stench coming out of this thing... one usually smells Cuban food around here... I can put away some Lechon Asado, but this was a nice change.  Smelled like TN in the winter time!

    Ribs ready to wrap (I think)!

    Finished on the grill for my woman!  How do they look?  Tasted not too shabby if I do say so.  (I had to burn hers some more in the oven on broil).

    Before getting killed in the oven... very juicy and tender with awesome smoke!

    Next the chix... very tasty and perfect smoke as they were in only for the last hit of chips.  I know a lot of guys trim that skin, but I am a skin FREAK!!

    I think they look pretty decent...

    Lastly, the Boston Booty... I think it looks pretty good.  What about you guys?

    Different angle... this ended up taking 7 hours.  This is why... I am a bit of a clean freak sometimes... Butt was on the top shelf and I put a drip pan on the rack under this butt that spanned the length and width of the smoker.  I think I was blocking all of the heat from getting to the pork.  A test after I pulled it out confirmed... rookie mistake.  But, it looks like it came out pretty well.  It is resting as I type this.  My wife and I will be having this for dinner.  I will take some pics after slicing.

    Other than that, I made a simple vinegar sauce which turned out pretty well.


    1.  I dig smoking!  I work hard, so I enjoy the convenience of going to a BBQ joint, stuffing my face and leaving the table a mess for someone else to clean up... But, I really enjoyed today.  I took it easy, didn't take anything to seriously and had fun.  I will really enjoy this in the winter when we have some cooler days.  I am a true Floridian, born and bred in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area... but, I like being in the cold and everything I did today will suit that just perfectly.

    2.  The MES 40 (dreaded new version) seems like a really good machine.  Maybe I just got lucky... time will tell.  The only thing wrong that everyone knows about it the temp gauges are for, couple more bucks for some good ones.  But, it worked and smoked well, so I am happy with the purchase........... for now!

    3.  I'm pretty good on the grill, so I know that a steak gets done when it is done (or 3 hours for my wife).  Same as with smoking... like PadronMan said, it seems to be about the internal temp... just like grilling... not strictly about the time.  So, if I ever do this for company... I will make sure I have more than enough time to be sure they finish. 

    4.  I learned a bunch of other things... but, I think this was long enough.  Don't want to bore...  Thanks for looking and the comments today... Cheers!

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    Looks awesome & great Q view ! :kewl:



    Very nice smoke !
  9. rdknb

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    Looks like you had a good day, congrats
  10. tjax

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    Thanks, Waterinholebrew. And I appreciate the advice today!
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  11. tjax

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    And thank you, sir.
  12. foamheart

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    Great looking food! 

    Smoking is 15% preparation, 5% dumb luck, and 80% patience.

    It looks like it was a beautiful day for smoking.

    Congrats on you smoke.

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