Firebox Vent Opening Size

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  1. Using the Feldon's calculator, the opening between the firebox and cooking chamber  on my masonry smoker is small. What are the effects of having that opening on the small side - my recollection is that it is less than half the recommended size. Seems to work okay, but maybe things would work better if it were larger?


    Terry in Tampa Bay, Florida
  2. If the opening between the CC FB is to small you could have trouble getting the heat out of the FB. Which also means trouble getting your CC up to temp. If your not having a problem with temps I would not try to fix it. The size and length of the stack could be why your not having a problem.
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  3. Excellent!!! Thank you! Indeed, I seem to have no trouble at all attaining any CC temperature I want. If temperature is ever a struggle, the struggle is to lower the CC temp. Cross that one off the worry list! Thanks!!   [​IMG]  

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