Finally made it back to show build pics...

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  1. Just wanted to show some pics of my smokehouse build and the reason we built it...

    son with his new rifle. He worked all summer mowing lawns to buy this 22-250 Rem VTR.

    son and I turned a double this spring in PA. Great job Cole!!!

    passed up everything in the early seasons and shot this guy with the flintlock.

    to the smoker... Built the doors in the shop with 1/4" plate and had them powder coated.

    time laying brick. I think the next time I'll pay someone to do it!!

    I think I will stick to my regular job. I'm not a mason...more of a mess. got lucky and everything was level...

    took me a couple days to get this far but I'm having fun with it.

    thinks she needs to inspect it. Hope it meets her specs.

    Anchored it fast. I seasoned it before we sat in on top of the base. Had to try it out with the propane burner. seemed to work good.

    to thank Frank for the "scrap" piece of granite. Looks great on it. Have to invite him over for beef and beer.

    General Order # 1: I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.

    dad put a day bed here for me to relax on. I can keep an eye on things from the high ground.

    put something in the smoker. Better post an extra guard.

    it is after the stain. I think I looks a little dark. Hope it tones down before I seal it.

    neighbors view. He calls it the "heated Outhouse".

     pic of the top before the chamber went on.

    Still have some work to finish it up. Want to plant shrubs around it and add a fire ring to the front with some kind of a bench. Waiting for the wood to weather so I can seal the outside of the chamber. Will post more when done with it completely.
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  2. bigtrain74

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    Yup, that's a thing of beauty! Fantastic job on this buddy!
  3. dandl93

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    Nice looking and turned out very well. I have laid brick in the past but it was some years ago_On my build I should of hired some one also jajajajajjaja.

    Make sure you let that mortar and Brick work cure real well before building a fire.Time will be your friend.

  4. bobank03

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    Your boy is quite the hunter and I'm sure he will help you keep that smokehouse smokin' Great build. Aren't dogs the best! Now we just need to see some qview of what is coming out of  that bad boy! 

    Great work! 

  5. Awesome smokehouse! Waiting on food pics!

  6. Everyone says that you must do a Fatty so this is my first attempt. Got a decent weave going.

    Forgot to take pics of the stuff inside but I put in some Colby, Swiss and mushrooms. Added jalapeno, bell, and onion to the burger mix then rolled it up with a little rub mix.

    Looking like I will be eating good tonight.

    I made a set of twins.

    came out looking good. Did it for about 2 1/2 hrs around 250 deg. Maybe I should have left it in a bit longer for a crispier bacon. Not sure. this is the first one that I done. I will test it out and adjust as needed. Going to do some deer loins this weekend. I'm enjoying this new smoker thing. Hope the neighbors don't get offended by the aromas coming from it...
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    looks great. 5 minutes under the broiler and that bacon will be nice and crisp! Nice color. The test though is slicing it open and letting us check out the smoke ring! 

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