fatty and biscuts.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by twistertail, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. twistertail

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    Put 2 plain fatties in about 3:00 this morning at work. About 5:00 I put 2 cans of refrigerated biscuts on a sheet of foil and put those in the smoker also. Bout 5:45 the fatties were done, bout 6:00 the biscuts were done, bout 6:15 everything was gone. Never done biscuts in there before but they turned out great. It was great for breakfast. Got some chix thighs to go on in a little while for lunch.
  2. pinkmeat

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    I'd like to see a pic of those biscuits....smoked biscuits.........mmmmmmmm
  3. bassman

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    Can you say "smoked sausage gravy?"
  4. bbq bubba

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    I will make it my mission to razz your butt until we see some pics of this imaginary food you keep talkin about!! [​IMG]

    By imn88fan
  5. alra195

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    Man, that sounds good! I too am in the camp of "Pictures say a thounsand words!" If you got'em' please post'em, I'd love to see smoked buscuits! Heck, I've got to try smoked buiscuits!

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