Father's Day Brisket (Qview)

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    Smoking one up for my Dad as an early Father's Day celebration.  I finally figured out my new Vision smoker so I put the brisket on last night about 1:30 AM and have been hanging stead at 230 degrees all night long, I love my smoker.  I used the Royal Oak lump from walmart instead of the Rockwood (can tell no difference).  Threw in about 5-6 chunks of hickory wood and a handful of Pecan chips.

    The brisket before trimming:

    The brisket after trimming and seasoning.  I just used a dalmation rub 1 part coarse kosher salt and 1 part ground black pepper:

    At 10:30 am @178 degrees, heavy bark and STALLED (good thing, I need this to stay on the grill until about 2 PM).  I'll yank it at 195 and put it in a cooler wrapped in tin foil and towels until 4:30 or so when I slice it.  Stay tuned for more pics.

    Stay tuned for slicing goodness.  It's looking extremely moist at this point, I'm glad I cooked both pieces because they have shrank by probably 30-40%.
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    Where is the slicing goodness?? LOL

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