EPIC BBQ PARTY for 200+ guests

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  1. Hey all, I had my big event today, and it turned out EPIC!!!  Several people asked if I catered and want me to do their grad parties.  I came up with a couple new BBQ sauces too that people want to buy!  A pineapple mango, and a SPICY pineapple mango with Habaneros.

    I used the finishing sauce (it was amazing) and solved the dry out issue by storing the pulled pork in a giant cooler.  I put some fire bricks in the bottom to help hold the heat, and stacked up the chaffing tins in the cooler.  It kept it hot and moist all day!!!

    By the sounds of it, I'm going to have a busy summer.  Next challenge, BRISKET!

    Thanks again for helping my party turn out great.


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    It all sounds great but, the [​IMG]  say [​IMG]  
  4. No worries, pics are coming…  I had some phone problems, so I am waiting for fiends to email pics they took.  Should have them tomorrow.
  5. Pics

  6. Looks like you did a good job man!  [​IMG]

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