Electric Fryer?

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  1. Not sure which forum this might go in so I shot low ... apologies if it belongs somewhere else.

    I've been frying turkeys for .. years.  More than 15 I guess.  The big issue is the mess.  You have to pump out the oil when done, or pour it and hope you don't spill ... if you have fried turkeys you know what I mean,

    Has anyone ever used one of the electric fryers?  Good/bad?  It looks like they have 1650 watts on most of them which is enough to get 3 gallons of oil to temp in ~30 mins.  Not sure of how they hold heat when the turkey goes in.

    Any comments from experience will be very welcome.
  2. Yes I have used both. I use to travel for a living so I was in a RV a lot. I started out with a propane then I got an electric fryer. One winter I was in Saint Lois and we got a foot of snow and I had a fried turkey planned. I wasn't real sure about how it would work. I knocked the snow off of the picnic table and plugged it in very early. I went back out about 45 min. later and it was up to temp. I unplugged it for an hour and a half. Then plugged it back in and was up to temp in no time.

    So I guess I am going to say it works well as long as you have electric. i can't say that it is any easier to clean.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thank you sir.  I guess there's still the oil to deal with, but if I don;t have to pump out a pot or try to pour it through a funnel, it's a win.  It's also a hell of a lot more likely to fit in my dishwasher, unlike the 10 gallon kettle I have. 

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