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  1. Hi All, 

    long time since i posted on here

    I have a question about kielbasa.  I normally make it with the standard amount of cure #1 and then cold smoke for a couple of hours and then raise the chamber temp in stages until it reaches 180F and the sausages have an internal temp of 150F.  I then plunge into ice bath until cooled and hang for a few hours or overnight.  Everything works great and i love the results.  

    I was wondering if I could cool sausages and put back into smoker with a chamber temp of 140F or less to dry the sausages for a few days like i do with jerky.  I dont want to totally dry age them like salami so i dont want to use cure 2.  

    unlike jerky , the meat is cooked so was wondering if the cooking effects the sodium nitrite.
  2. chef jimmyj

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    I have never tried drying at 140. I have successfully dried 19mm sticks at 35-40°F outside in the smoker with the door cracked. Do you have a cold airy cellar or other area in this temp range?. I don't see a safety issue doing what you want or even going lower to 120-130°F. I just don't know how the texture and quality will be...JJ
  3. Thanks Chef

    I live in Southern Ontario and temps outside are pretty cold right now.  you figure 35-40 is best temp? i could set my PID for that temp.  as long as weather cooperates. what about humidity?
  4. ak1

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    I'm confused? 

    So, you've made these sausages, cured & cooked. Perfect, they're good to go. Now, you want to re cook them?

    Maybe I'm missing something.
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    You can dry them in the refrigerator. They will lose moisture with the low humidity and air flow the fridge has . Lay them criss cross to get good air flow around them. Here's some dried kabanos I made. you can see the difference two weeks made. The larger sausage may take a little more time.....


  6. chef jimmyj

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    The refer can work. Mine just stays too moist and I got mold on the batch I had in there. Doing them in the 35-40 smoker there was more air and less humidity. The Kabanosy came out great in 3-4 days...JJ
  7. thanks for all the info. i will try drying in my smoker with pid keeping temp like fridge temp.  
  8. AK-1 i dont want to recook, just dry them out a little. want a little more chew to them
  9. ak1

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    OK, I see. Do what Boyko says. Just leave them in the fridge for a few weeks or more depending on how hard you want them.

    I'm actually doing the same thing with some dry smoked sausage.

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