Drum source in Baton Rouge

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by beast, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. beast

    beast Newbie

    Looking for a drum source in Baton Rouge, LA for a UDS.  Any help would be appreciated.
  2. jay6896

    jay6896 Fire Starter

    Contractors Salvage and Drum on Airline Hwy.  They only have 55 gallon lined and they are 44 bucks.
  3. Have you tried craiglist? A guy in Port Allen had some a couple of weeks ago for $15 each.
  4. White Elephant in Mandeville had a bunch recently for 15 a peice. They are lined and were used for spray foam insulation so extensive cleaning is needed
  5. jay6896

    jay6896 Fire Starter

    The Craigslist ad in Port Allen was a bust, at least for me. I texted, and called twice with no response. I ended up on a good deal for 4 barrels, not lined, and may be willing to make a deal on one of them. They have a little surface rust around the bottom ring but otherwise they are good to go. If you are in BR and interested hit me with a PM. I won't have them forever, especially after my brother-in-laws see how mine cooks. LOL

  6. Glad you found some drums, even better that they are unlined. I preciate the offer, but I have three smokers. Building a forth would probably entail two lawyers and me losing half my earthly possessions. The wife would be like :hit:

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