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  1. fat zack

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    I have a LEM elec. smoker and I use a "SMOKE PISTOL" for my smoke My question is since I do not need to have an air flow for burning anything do I really need to have a flue on the smoker other than to release some smoke so it will be refreshed with fresh smoke. I am thinking that I need only about a 2inch opening to do the job.

    Any thoughts????

  2. chef jimmyj

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    It looks like you still have to turn on the LEM unit to generate heat, so an exhaust is needed for good convection. And you already know continuous fresh smoke gives the best flavor. There is a 3" exhaust hole on an MES so you probably need at least that much and unless there is some space issue, why bother removing the stack that the LEM comes with? Maybe some more detail on what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful...JJ
  3. fat zack

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    Thank you for your answer Chef. Yes I use the elect for the heat and Yes I do have a space problem, I am confined to a wheelchair so I have had the smoker mounted a porch window at a level that is easier for me but sometimes I need to pull the smoker in some to be able to fully reach things and the stack is in the way. I was thinking if I could remove the stack and plug the hole then relocate a smaller vent say 1 inch further back then I should be able to get in to where I need to.

    Since I only need to let the stale smoke and heat out, in my pea brain it seems like that it would work, but I am not that smart on these kind of things and the older I get the more FUZZY things like this become [​IMG]

  4. bmaddox

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    As Chef Jimmy said, you need the convection. You want the hot air to be moving through the smoker so you don't get a hot spot at the element or stale smoke. Even an electric range has a vent at the top that lets heat out. Would your setup work if the stack was shorter? You could simply take the stack off. It wouldn eliminate your ability to open and close it but most people run the vents wide open on an electric smoker anyways.
  5. chef jimmyj

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    I can't say if a 1" vent will work on that unit. There are other electric units, smokin-it, cook shack, that use a 1" vent with success. Maybe a setup like below will work. The smoke is ducted outside. Quite a few have done this, with and without the hood ..JJ
  6. fat zack

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    I want to thank all who chimed in on my problem. after much though I have decided to move the exsisting flu to the rear of the smoker and add an elbow to get it pointing the right way. I was just trying to find a cheap way to fix the problem but I should know there is only one way to do things right and all other ways age doomed to fail "JUST SPEND THE MONEY AND DO IT RIGHT"


  7. chef jimmyj

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    Zack. I too work and cook from a wheel chair and appreciate your situation. Keeping the exhaust in the center will give the best chance for even heating but is not totally necessary. DaveOmak is a fabrication savvy guy. Below are some pics of his work mounting ducts. If you do have to mount the elbow to one side, contact Dave for some ideas to create a channel or duct to draw smoke and heat from the top center but have it exit the new exhaust opening. Good luck...JJ

    Here is some good info... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/128911/mes-30-new-exhaust-smoke-tunnel-mod

  8. fat zack

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    jj. Thanks for this fab tip, this I can do and it will work just fine. I smoke mostly Candian Bacon in my LEM and it works great for this. One thing that I have started doing is to pre=smoke my cure, I use a wet cure so that the pork loin sit in a smoky brine solution for 2 or 3 days prior to the putting the smoke to it. This may be known to everyone but it just dawned on me one day.. As soon as it warms up I am going to do some bacon.

    well I'll get my smoker in  the shop and start cutting!!

    Fatter than ever


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