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    I've been double smoking hams for a long time.  First on my grill, then in the smoker when I got it.  It's all good. 

    I had always done them whole, and sometimes the smoke didn't penetrate deep enough for me.

    But, I got to thinking, why separate the ham after smoking for slicing and packing?  If I separate the muscles before hand, I will get more smoke flavor into ALL of the meat, and not just the outer portions.  So I did.

    I'm happy with the results.

    I cut a ham shank up into 3 pieces, following the seam lines in the meat.  Here is the results.

    Actually I cut it into 4 pieces, but one piece was just a nubbin football shape of about a lb. or less.  We used that before I smoked, in scalloped potatoes for a family reunion.

    Ham in smoker after 4-5 hours.

    Bone portion with meat.

    Other two pieces.

    Final Results.


    I put the bone-in piece nearest the hot spot by firebox.  I wanted to make sure it cooked all the way to the bone.  Worked perfect!

    That bone section is going to my sister. I sure must love her, cause I want to keep it for myself!  LOL


    Going to one more tomorrow, and with this one, "I'M KEEPING" the bone piece for us to use in boiled dinner and bone for beans.
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