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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by novasbc, Jun 7, 2015.

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    I guess I never subscribed to the thread, but I recall a couple of threads where folks used a particular sort of oven rope seal under the flange.

    Since I can't find the thread, anyone have suggestions for the material to seal the doors under the flanges?  I know I can use RTV and plastic wrap, but I

    I recall someone linking top singe sort of oven rope seal that looked really good.
  2. I'm using Imperial oven gasket tape. Haven't installed it yet so I don't have a personal review yet, but I saw quite a few people using it in their builds. I've also heard that lavalock works well.
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    I guess the lavalock is closer to what I want (based on width).  It looks like I should have used 2" wide strapping for the flanges if I wanted the gasket to be hidden.  I used 1" wide strapping with it halfway on the metal, and half off, resulting in only 1/2" best space to cover a gasket (and I know on one side, I got the flange a little sort of 1/2".

    Maybe I would be better off using RTV and plastic wrap, where I can control the width to fit.  Either that, or just don't care if the gasket is visible from outside the fire (which would make it obvious where I didn't get that gap quite).
  4. No problem. I think if it works well and isn't a total butcher job on the gasket, it'll be fine. As long as you can make great food I don't think anybody will mind.

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