Does airflow port placement and smoke stack placement matter?

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  1. I have my dual hot plate installed but i'm not quite sure on the airflow ports and smoke stack placement. My thoughts are to run the smoke stack out of the side about 4 inches above the bottom of the smoker. Question? Can airflow port go on the same side as the smoke stack, opposite side, or doesn't matter?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Crow, morning and welcome to the forum..... The exhaust stack should be near the top of the smoker... and air inlets near the bottom.... a smoker needs good air flow where the meat etc. is located for moisture removal and smoke contact with the product....  The smoker looks good.... keep up with the pics as you progress.....   Dave
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    My set up is just about like yours, I put the chim in the top dead center, but you could put it on either side or in back but at the top and for the the intake you want at the bottom, you want to get that to draft up to the chim. my Chim is 3" with a damper in it and then on the bottom I have 3 1" holes, with pipe thru it and on the end of the pipe nipples is threaded, so I can put a cap on one, two or all three if I want. As far as the hot plate at the bottom goes, I tried the same thing and could not get the heat I wanted, so I bought a Old smokey smoker replacement element and I get all the heat now I want, I will try to get you some pics. Good Luck looking good so far.


    Here is the Chim on top with Damper got it done at a local hvac shop for 10.00


    Here is the intake at bottom


    Hope this helps you out some if you need more let us know

  4. Thanks driedstick. I was just basing my ideas off of the smoker filling up with smoke until the smoke reaches the bottom and exhausts out. But I guess my common sense doesn't trump physics. I appreciate your knowledge. I lit up my smoker for the first time to try it out the day I posted these pictures and I was able to get just over 200 degrees. I'm thinking you probably right about getting a different heat source. Thanks for the Pictures. It helps alot to see what someone has done rather than reading and imagining how it is done.
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    Make sure you season it before using also. I would luve to see some pics also if I undo my PID I can get to about 325 but I cant control then, I need new pid cant wait for the finished pics

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