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    Last year I built a cold smoker from scratch even though I have no construction talents. I couln't find any plans on the net at all so I drew up what I thought would work and adjusted things as I progressed. The only power tools I own are a miter saw and a drill. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out.

    I use the A-MAZ-N tube smoker on a patio stone for smoke. So far I've cold smoked turkey legs, fish, chicken, ribs, bacon, eggs, salt, pepper, and cheese. I have bought a hot plate for it but  haven't tried it out yet beause I want a fancy thermometer and the wife hasn't released funds yet.

    Last week I did a rack of ribs by cold smoking the ribs for 3 hours before doing the rub. They were fantastic even though my BBQ is just a "cheapo". I adopted a secret process that a friend of mine who has a big green egg uses. (I'll share if anyone is interested.)
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    The Smoker is Beautiful! My concern is your definition of Cold Smoking...Especially when you are talking some pretty Risky Proteins unless they are Cured. It is a Bad Idea to throw Raw Uncured Turkey Legs and Chicken in a Smoker at any temp between 40 and 140*F for more than 1-2 Hours. The Bacterial growth will be rapid, with increases to dangerous levels above 90*F and even though you may cook it further there are a few Bugs that create Toxins that are Heat Stable and can hurt you bad even though the actual Bacteria was killed with the cooking...JJ
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      A great looking smoker!  As Chef JJ says, I hope you are curing the meats before cold smoking. More details please.

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    Very nice smoker.....  [​IMG]  ...

  6. Nice looking smoker. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

    Dimensions, etc.

    Like those racks too. What are they?

    As mentioned be very careful when you are cold smoking uncured meats. They will kill you.

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