Disappointed with amount of smoke; bought a master built electric 40" added updated part sent by mas

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mecjac1, Jan 16, 2013.

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    I'm still learning my MES 40 Gen 2 but so far, temp monitoring aside, this unit has produced my most moist, tasteful smoked meats ever. All the removable parts fit in the dishwasher and keeping the window glass clean is challenging but not impossible. If you add on a Maverick 732 unit and perhaps a AMNPS if you're not satisfied with the amount of TBS from the larger sized chip tray, you definetly have a winner of a smoker at the price point. As I get more familiar with the MES 40, I will eventually master complicated items like Brisket, Chuck Roasts, Duck, etc. I look forward to the challenges.

    Smoke On!
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     I can now smoke overnight and actually sleep instead of getting up every 45 minutes or so to change wood.
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    Update.. My MES 40 just had its first major issue. The Controller went whacky on me as the internal temp read 310F this morning when the unit had been off all nite and the outside temp was 27F. I called MES customer service where Becky kindly explained to me that the controllers were on back order and there should be some available in a week or two. Until then, I'll just have to use my Mav 732s as the temperature unit or simply not use the machine until the replacement arrives. I did ask if the replacement Controller was a fix or simply a replacement but I didn't get a response to that question so its a crap shoot if this issue becomes chronic or not. I'm disappointed in the quality of the build as I've owned this unit only since Christmas '12. 
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    It's not uncommon for the controllers to get squirelly. Lots of folks waiting on replacements including myself. Been waiting for almost 2 months with mb service telling me just this week they have no delivery time yet. Had the unit for 3 weeks before it failed. BTW ask for the modified chip tray as there is a safety notice / recall due to chips flaring up.
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  5. let me just say. How many things can you name that are electric and don't have some sort of problem??? NONE!!! Im not trying to step on any toes here but i agree with the point that spending a few hundred dollars on a smoker then having to buy a AMNPS makes no sense to me.  I agree 100 percent that the AMNPS is beyond an amazing (as the name says) product. It works perfectly. However i use it to cold smoke. I have a masterbuilt verticle LP (propane if your not familiar) and trust me when i say this....i set the knob to right where the annoying sound of the burner goes away and i don't have to touch it again until i pull my meat at the end of the cooking. I have used this thing in below freezing temps and it does not change one bit. It also has great temp recovery as soon as i shut the door it climbs back up in about a min. I have smoked A LOT of things in this and i have never had a bad experience or a single problem.  The point im getting at is that i paid $139 for this thing (find me an electric smoker for that much that performs as good). I have a friend that also has an electric smoker and is almost un-usable with out my AMNPS.  GO PROPANE IF YOUR GONNA CHEAT !           [​IMG]No matter what you have, its still fun. happy smoking
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    Take the controller off the unit..... bring it inside and dry it out......   sometimes they start working again.....   Dave
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    Your not going to get an expensive high quality smoker for under $300. Even the people building these MES40's need to make a profit and eat. If you demand perfection, get your wallet out or quit complaining.

    I bought my MES40 w/2 year extended warranty and havent had a lick of problems. My first smoke I used it stock. It kind of sucks as you gotta add wood chips every 1.5-2 hrs or so. SO I made the educated choice to buy the AMZNPS. SO what, $40 for 8+ hrs of smoke. I can light it, set my MES40 temp & time and walk away. Its the crock pot of smokers!

    If you are that uptight and a little added extra cost makes you go off, just goto your local BBQ and get some take out. Otherwise unbunch your panties.

  8. And yet you spent more on your smoker that still needed modified or an addition if you will. I'm not trying to be a smart butt or anything I'm just not understanding why the electric smoker is worth the couple extra hundred compared to a LP. Why not just use the LP that needs no modification to function hassle free?? However if you already bought the electric and can't take it back then yes the ANMPS is perfect. 
  9. I do the smoking here, not my male counterpart - he drinks beer and loads chips/pellets when the weather is nice, so I got the MES40 for the ease and I can say I have not been disappointed at all. Did have some issues with the body unit after 18 mos of use and Masterbuilt sent me a new element and body unit. The only "mods" done to mine are using a homemade smoke generator for long smokes and a piece of flex duct to help the exit through the damper since my smoker is in a cabinet. 

    I do not believe there is a flawless and perfect smoker out there, but that's just my opinion and if there is I can't imagine what the price tag on that would be [​IMG]

    Delie stated "  I have found that Traegers pellets (orchard supply) are larger diameter and produces more smoke than any others I have used."

    While there's no problem with using Traeger pellets - keep in mind they are for heat generation as well as smoke. I use Smokehouse Pellets and don't have the bump in the temperature as some have had with the Traeger Pellets, but do whatever works.
  10. basstronics

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    That may be, but Im 100% fine with it. Using the electric just made sense for me. My unit is used/stored on a covered porch. I cant very well use an flamed unit. Sure I grill, but I attend to that.

    I think its funny how people complain about simply adding a $40 product to ease the use. I guess if you dont like this product, go spend $2K on one thats perfect.
  11.  My MES40 didn't have to be modified. It was usable like it came. I opted for the retrofit smoke box because I wanted to try it and it was free. I have since bought an AMNPS  for it's own merits, not because I had to have it. It will work in most any smoker. I bought a AMNPTS for my Son-in-law for his propane smoker because it is such a great item (and can borrow it if I want). I did not have to have it. I'm sure I've already saved enough money on operating cost (electricity compared to charcoal or propane) to have paid for both them.  So I love my MES40. If it ever breaks I will fix it and still love it. I would own the AMNPS if I didn't own an MES40.

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  12. It funny how even having a debate about smoking can make you want to start smokin some delicious food. NOW LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! [​IMG]
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    Even the replacement controller and body kit, I just received yesterday did not work, be cautious on monitoring your box temp when in use with an add on temp monitor, do not rely on the smoker controller reading only, for 2nd Gen 40" Models.
  14. geerock

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    I've been waiting since january 4 for a controller and you got yours after 3 weeks SmokinGrk? Hoowee.... I can't wait for monday morning to get on the phone with mb's so called customer service.
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    Dave, As it turns out you were right. My controller has mysteriously started working again. All I did was run up the temp in the MES to max, ran it for 3 hours and then let it cool down naturally. The weather here has moderated quite a bit as well to the warmer side. I just checked the unit for the helluva it and its working again. I'm still going to order the extra controller just to have a spare on hand. Thanks for the advice!
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  16. cman55

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    Thanks goodness I've been reading the posts about this unit's controller issues. I got my Mav 732 ready to go just in case the unit goes off the rails again. The bad thing with that is the auto cutoff feature that is controlled by the controller. If the temps read higher than the suggested box setting, then the unit shuts off. The problem is that the reading may not be correct and your unit cuts off prematurely. Maybe they should have made the dang controllers in the USA from the get go. 
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    Holy Cow !!!!   I got lucky again.....   [​IMG]  ....    

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    I see a lot of posts about the AMNSPS I have the reg AMNS.Is the pellet smoker better? I know theres more selection of flavors with the pellets.I've been thinkin of upgrading to the pellet smoker.
  19. rondar

    rondar Fire Starter

    I see a lot of posts about the AMNSPS I have the reg AMNS.Is the pellet smoker better? I know theres more selection of flavors with the pellets.I've been thinkin of upgrading to the pellet smoker.

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