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Discussion in 'Beef' started by westsmoke, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. I am a newbie to the forum but Ive been smoking for a few years. Ive never tried smoking deer or elk steaks, and I was looking for some recipes to use. Freezers full and bellys empty so dont hold back. I always thought they were too lean to smoke.
  2. pike

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    dont over cook, say like a deer roast, while back i tied up a big chunk, had some bacon in the center and i put it along with a butt into the smoker, it went way over and when i cut into it it was like cat food (mush)
  3. hogfan40

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    Heres what i do with like a back strap or a ham, slice in half, but not all the way through, and fill with cream cheese, and sliced jalapenos, fold back in half, and pin it with toothpicks, then wrap in bacon, then for the spray i use during the smoke, is made up of 1/2 regular beer, 1/2 melted butter, with spices mixed all together. chyenne,onion powder,garlic powder, and brown sugar.

    give it a try.
  4. erain

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    your question refers to steaks only so will stick to that. to be honest true steaks from wild game are cut from only the choisest most tender cuts... generally could be butterflied tenderloin, or backstrap, or even s tender rump muscle. any over cooking will start to make them tough. i personally recommend grilling instead of smoking. a hot sear and quick cook to medium rare will give you the bestest most tender steaks than a slower smoke. i like grilling over lump with a wood chunk or two and minimal seasoning. when i flip steak i wait a minute then add pats of butter to the steaks on the top side as they finish up cooking. it will be fast just a couple minutes a side so have everything else ready.
  5. nickelmore

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    For Steak just like erain sais I sometimes cut the backstrap into 2 inch thick steaks wrap with a strip of bacon. Just like a Filet, minimal seasoning, a little salt a little CBP cook to medium rare and enjoy.

    I do the same thing with the hams/rear qaurters as well. I seperate all of the meat at the seems and make thinner small steaks or kabob type meat. I sometimes use the top part of the ham for a roast.

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