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Discussion in 'Beef' started by handcannon32x, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. I have been looking at all these pictures of briskets on here and I am just curious of the internal temperture is when you guys pull them out of the smoker. 

    Im just curious as I was looking at pictures and reading the description, I notice some brisket are nice and brown and some are burnt on the outside.  Some stay in for a couple hours and some are in for 12 hours. 

    Like I said, curiosity got the best of me so Im gonna ask,  What interenal temp do you pull your brisket out at? 
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    Depends on what you want to do with them.

    Pulling  about 205, foil and place in Icechest with towels to 210

    Slicing  anywhere between 170 and 200 most are closer to the 200.
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    I think it depends on how you cook (foil or not) and the type of rub you use (sugar content)

    Some folks cook hot and fast, others low and slow.

    I prefer to cook at 230ish,

    I pull at 200ish AND the meat is probe tender.

    If I have time, and I like to build that time into the cook, after it gets to 200ish and probe tender I wrap it in foil and toss it into a warm, dry cooler for a few hours to rest.
  4. raptor700

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    I don't go by internal temp anymore.

    I use the tooth pick test. When you insert a tooth pick it should have very little resistance.

    I have had briskets that were tough at an IT of 205º .and some that were too tender at an IT of 185º.

    They are all different and they're done when they're done.
  5. sprky

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    I pull mine at 195. I smoke at 225 low and slow only way to go in my opinion. It all depends on what rub I use on the color of the bark the more sugar it has the darker it is. After I pull it I wrap in 2 layers of foil with a bit of my spritz and let it sit in cooler for couple hours. I then slice it thin and drizzle my ajue over it. 
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