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    I have been reading on here quite a bit since I joined a couple days ago.  One thing that I have noticed is Pop's wet brine is used for ham, bbb, and canadian bacon.  If the same brine is used what makes them different?  Also, I am looking  to do a ham for christmas and am leary of using bone in pork because I dont want to mess it up.  The injector I have is only 2-3 inches long and worried that I wont be able to get to the bone far within the meat to avoid bone sour.  Also, I am curious of what kind of cuts of meat I should use for bbb,cb, and ham.  I have cure #1 and kosher salt.  Also, if I put extra ingredients in the brine will it dilute the cure in the brine?  Also would I use the one gallon of water to 1 tbs of cure for a small roast of say 2 pounds or could I cut that in half?  Lastly, making a ham, what other ingredients should I put in it to get a taste of ham that you would buy in the store?  I know that most here will say that store and homemade dont compare but I want to think that you have to add more than just brine and smoke.  Thanks to any and all that answer this for me.

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    See my comments above and good luck. 
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    If I add maple syrup to the brine will I dilute it? Also how long in the brine for an 8# ham?
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    Smoking babybacks water in PAN or not?

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