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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by wchap, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Hi all Have been reading posts and trying to learn from others questions as I plan my smoker build. Will share some pictures when there is something other than just a rusty propane tank to look at. Planning a reverse flow smoker with a side fire box on a 120 gallon tank I have been checking threads doing similar and looked at the calculator as I get ideas flowing here are my starter questions

    The area below the reflector plate is shown to be same square footage as hole in it at end. Does it matter if it is bigger? Is that a miniumum number?

    I have seen alot of people start stack lower in cooking area closer to height of cooking surface to make smoke bank down futher. When figuring height of stack this is included I assume.

    It comes up in a couple treads that some like to cut and install fire box before cutting doors in tank. While I understand this saves malipulation of tank is there another reason for doing this?

    Agian I appoligize for re-hashing questions that have probably been asked just havent figured out how to search them in my reading.
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    Is this the calculating tutorial you are using....
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    Thanks For the Info. Yes that is the thread I was using for the calculator. Finishing up a couple other projects so I'm kind of just planning and rough figuring right now havent put anything down on paper yet.

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