Confused with Rib Cook Time, Help!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by knockando, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. knockando

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    I've been smoking back ribs for 10 years on a charcoal water smoker and have always finished them within 3.5-6 hours depending on the size of the ribs, outdoor temperature, wind, ect.  They've always been cooked through and near fall off the bone.  My co-worker has a water smoker but it's electric.  He's smoked ribs twice and the first run was 8 hrs and the second run was 10 hrs.  The second run he used an oven thermometer and said it was at 225 the entire time.  I just don't see how these ribs would be ok.  The only real difference is the heat source, electric element vs charcoal.  Does anyone have any idea on why it took 10 hrs to smoke baby back ribs?

  2. Was his thermometer accurate? Has it been tested in boiling H2O? He may have had a lower temp than he thought. Were they pork or beef ribs.
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       Knockando, I'm a wood burner and don't have the trouble of charcoal or Gas,however,just glancing at your post,your Therms. may be off,and you maybe looking too much;leave the lid shut-the food isn't going anywhere and you would know if a prowler comes around and they would be brassen to be that bold-or real hungry[​IMG]

       Get a good therm(probe type is real good) and use it to watch the heat. IMHO, the dual probes are great for this purpose. Also ,use all your senses-Smell for the good and bad odors-you'll know,look at the smoke color to keep it thin and bluish, listen for sizzling-too hot probablly,and quickly touch the cooker to see if it is heating all the way through the cooker.

       Babys are leaner and will cook sooner than Spares,a 2-2-1 issue (or close-nothing is written in stone,some meat is just different).

       IMHO,keeping the lid shut,is the best info.I would suggest. Long story about that,and it's just my opinion,but it works for me and that's what I care about in my cooks.

       Hope this helps and...
  4. sqwib

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    I would have to agree with you, I don't see how they would be ok either 225, for 10 hours.

    Longest I have ever done ribs at 225 is 6.5 hours and they were fall off the bone done!

    But you have been doing it your way for 10 years with good results, don't worry bout his ribs...unless hes gonna feed you with 'em[​IMG]
  5. knockando

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    Haha!  That puts things in perspective, I'm not gonna worry about it.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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       Maybe 125*f for 10hrs.,but even I am not that patient[​IMG].

  7. oldschoolbbq

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  8. flash

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    Ambient temps, wind, length of electrical cord and thickness of cord can all effect electrical smokers and their output. Any of these combines with an inaccurate temp gauge could be the culprit.
  9. bearcarver

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    Ribs at 225˚ for 10 hours should be good if you have a nice clean shirt on---No juice should be dripping by then.  [​IMG]

  10. smokinal

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    His therm has to be off.

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