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    My neighbor at work was nice enough to give me 10 lbs. of thick cut bacon that he bought for a butcher.  We fried it up for some BLT's and immediately noticed it wasn't smoked!  The label on the box says "Hickory Hollow", so I "Assumed" it was smoked, but nope!

    Since I know a guy who invented this little gadget that can be used for cold smoking, I thought I would give one for these gadgets a try, to see if I could actually cold smoke store bought thick sliced bacon.


    You would "Assume" it's hickory smoked...Right?


    I spread out approx. 3# of this thick sliced bacon on stackable cookie cooling racks and  set them inside my grill.

    Fired up a Tube Smoker with 100% apple pellets, started the pellets and let it smoke for 3 hours.

    Color looks good, and you can now smell the smoke.

    Into some ziplock bags, and rest overnight in the fridge

    The "Test Fry" is the only way to tell if smoking store bought bacon was a success

    Rhonda's egg bake and some fried bacon

    Conclusion: Cold Smoking this store bought bacon was simple and added a great smokey flavor. 

    Smoking store bought bacon or ham is so simple, and will transform your ordinary bacon or ham into a smoked masterpiece!

    It's easy to oversmoke, so keep your cold smoke time down to a few hours.  Do a test fry and see if you like the results.  If you want more smoke, you can always cold smoke again for a couple more hours

    Thanks For Lookin'!

  2. I would say it worked just fine. It does surprise me with the name that it wasn't already smoked [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.


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