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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by smokingvic, May 4, 2013.

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     I have a Char griller trio , gas part , barb q part and a firebox , I am about to try it again since it has been months since I have used it , I have the vent extended down to about 1" from the cooking crate and I turned the pan inside the cooking chamber upside down and have it against the firebox side just above the opening and it left 1" opening on the other side , I have modified the firebox crate to be just above the intake vent on the firebox , I have a charcoal basket made out of 1/4" plate with 5/8" holes fully on all sides and the bottom and it is 11 1/2" long and 8" wide and 4 1/2" high , my question is where and how should I place my basket on top of the firebox crate , should I move it up against the cooking side or in the middle or on the intake vent side , I have 6" left if I put it longest length way or should I put it smallest width way , I will wait on you experts out there to reply before I start my cook , FYI I was just going to throw in burgers for the test run .
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    I would put it in the middle. Be aware you may find that the drilled holes are still to restrictive to let the ash fall out of the charcoal at the bottom. That is why a lot of folks use a square of expanded metal from Home Depot - it is heavy enough to stand up to the repeated heat, but very open to allow great airflow and ash to drop out the bottom.

    If you have a hard time getting temps up or maintingin temps you might give the expanded metal basket a try. It's only something like $20 for the square of expanded metal.
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    Thanks JIRodriquez , I believe you are correct , I tried the basket all kinds of ways and it did not get over 200 , I will have to try the expanded metal or if anyone knows what else that I can buy to use as a basket and what to use , lumps , logs or ???? for the heat .
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    The expanded metal works well and it's cheap. Lump charcoal does help a lot if you don't have great airflow, it burns with less ash, and due to it's irregular size it allows great airflow through the pile - but if you have to many drafts it can cause the lump to flare up and the temps can get away from you.
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    JIRIGUEZ ,   I did two whole chickens today on this Char Griller and they came out great and tasty , what I did was filled my charcoal basket with briquettes and moved it all the way to the right side of the firebox and than on the left of the basket in front of the opening I also put charcoal on top on the crate and it was running at 350 to 375 degrees , added some charcoal about a hour at a time ,am really surprised on how they came out , I know ,  I forgot the Q view , cannot wait to try it again !!!!!
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    Hello, welcome to the party. . .

    I believe you have conquered the Mods. and are ready to learn you Smoker.

    Do a day of playing with the place of your Coal Basket. Try all positions and sideways as well as long ways.. You're looking for where the Draft is most efficient here; it makes a big difference.

    Another hint or should I say suggestion? If the draft is not as you like it, create an adjustable vent aboue where the fire is. This should be about where the opening of the Smoke Chamber is. This will help with fuel consumption too(More efficient) . Use a Butterfly type vent top so you can adjust this also(windy days and such). Dave can help you more with  that...

    Be sure to send Q-view...have fun and . . .
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    Oldschoolbbq ,  Are you meaning to put the vent above the one that is on the side of the firebox now , the firebox door swings up on the firebox so it cannot go above the fire or can it , open for anyones suggestions to enjoy my Char griller ,
  8. floyd

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    I am so proud! I went to Lowes and bought two 12x24 18 gauge expanded metal 1/2" and made a lovely charcoal basket. I secured them with pig nose rings and I think it will work. I also bought 4 metal 6x18 plates for the diffuser and drilled varying sized holes in each one. I also bought a 12x18 sheet to make the baffle. My Okie Joe will be delivered on Thurs and I plan to be so ready! I also ordered the dual BBQ thermometer and two others to put on the grill. I also bought the sealant and door tape for the smoke chamber. All I need is a smoker, a burn-off fire and a sealing burn and I'll be ready for the pork butt and ribs! Thanks for all the help from the forum!
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    Good job and good luck and like oldschoolbbq said....Q-Views!!  Because.......[​IMG]

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