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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by nitrousinfected, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Curious about the deminsions everyone uses for their fire basket.  I was thinking somwhere in the neighborhood of 18" by 10 or 12 inches deep, but wanted to see what everyone else is doin and how it works for them.
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    I used the  charcoal grate from an 18" Weber kettle and wrapped expanded metal mesh around it 9" high.
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  3. and that works good for you?
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    Works like a charm! and leaves a nice airspace around the basket.
  5. Awesome, Then that is what I will go with as well.  Much appreciated
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    What are you going to be using this charcoal basket in?
  8. Been wanting to build a drum for over a year, even bought a drum last fall, but project kept gettin derailed by other things goin on, and one afternoon i came home and the wife and kids had decided to burn trash in the "new trash barrel"
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    Life in prison eh?

    I used the charcoal grate ya can get as a replacement fer a weber grill, if memory serves, ther bout 13 er 14 inchs in diameter, I just wrapped expanded metal round that bout 10 inchs high, added four bolt legs to it an a handle.  On a full basket I easily get 10 ta 12 hours er more which does everthin I need.  Ya can always go bigger, but I ain't never needed ta.
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