Cedar smokehouse construction

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  1. Wow! Great work. Thank you very much for sharing all of your pictures, it will be a big help when I build mine!

    You may have posted this info already, but I didn't see it if you did... Can you post or PM me the info on where you acquired the firebox door? It would be much appreciated.

  2. atcnick

    atcnick Smoking Fanatic

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  3. Curious how long your fire box holds the heat? Some cold smokes can go for months...how do you handle that? Do you use an auger with pellets for times when you are away?
  4. wow... that is so cool! 
  5. trizzuth

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    Cedar smokehouse is SICK, NICK!

    Love it, looks like it wasn't too bad of a project and just check out the enjoyment you are getting from it.  Just lifting that latch every time and peeking inside is like opening a present on xmas!  I love watching the darkness develop inside the smoker from the start, and how it is starting to seep to the outer edge of the front door.    

    Is that a ham or a shoulder in your bag?

  6. shrekastac

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    Great job man how much was the total cost?
  7. Absolutly a beautiful build. Thanks for taking the time and posting all the great pictures.
  8. bearbrew

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    You are doing a great job on building your smokehouse. 

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think the door panel brace should come from the lower hinge area to the upper outboard corner of the door.  That is just opposite of what you have done.  By going from the lower hinge to the upper outboard corner the diagonal brace is under compression to support the door as the wood dries and everything loosens up a little.  When going from the lower outboard corner to the upper hinge you need some sort of adjustable rod or cable system to facilitate adjustments when the wood dries and the door material becomes a little loose.
  9. cy berg

    cy berg Newbie

    Your idea is much the same as mine, with an external firebox. It's clear that you've got larger stovepiping going in and that has been a part of my problem at getting up to temp. Another tip I got here (apologies for not remembering who gave it) is to provide for a separator sheet/shelf to reduce the volume as needed to get more heat into the chamber. It looks great, good luck!
  10. dozerdean

    dozerdean Newbie

     this is dozerdean and I built my smokehouse also, it looks like an outhouse with a damper at the top near the roof pitch. I also pipe in the smoke and heat from a steel firebox that has vents that you can close and adjust the heat. The pipe comes out of the firebox near the top as heat and smoke rises and the firebos sets on gravel, also I put fire brick on the floor and up the sides to protect the sides. My email is [email protected] if you have any other ?. dozerdean
  11. awesome build, nick!  thanks for sharing and inspiring us all.  now, I wonder if my landlord would allow me to build one in the patio.... [​IMG]
  12. magslam

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    You are the absolute World Champion winner on backyard smokehouses worldwide!!
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  13. johnthemc

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    Nick, Just one question, for cold smoking you originally said you were going to handle that with dampeners. How did you install and how are they working for you? This thing is the greatest I've seen! I've been trying to gather ideas for some time in order to build my own, but your is the VERY BEST!!! Thank You for sharing.
  14. grouse

    grouse Fire Starter

    Nicely done!
  15. tread

    tread Fire Starter

    Dude [​IMG]
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  16. Very impressive!  This man has skills!  [​IMG]
  17. bocaboy

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    Congratulations on your project. It looks great, and I'll bet the food is going to be unbelievable! Please keep sending some pictures.

    Your smokehouse reminds me of the ones I see when I travel the UP of Michigan, or northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Those guys do fish from the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and they're the best I've ever eaten. I don't know if you have access to freshly caught lake fish, but if so, I'm really envious of your wonderful new smokehouse!
  18. Indeed, bring on the fish!!!! With a house like yours, it will be a museum of cuisine for us to enjoy!!!!!!!!! Beautiful creation! Cheers! - Leah
  19. hambone1950

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    Well , I missed this thread until today and I just wanted to add my compliments on what a really beautiful job you did on this. Quality materials , nice craftsmanship....just a top notch build , brother. Something to treasure. And it looks like you're putting it to good use ! :sausage:
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  20. kerstingm

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    It's been a while since I checked back on your finished build. Dude I hope you gave yourself a few pats on the back. Well done, I am sure the food is more than your rewards. I only wish the wife shared my love for the smoked foods as myself and my daughter does. I could justify a build like this.
    Please keep us all posted if you decide to sell copies of your plans on here. From the sounds of it you would cleanup for sure.

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