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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by beedix, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. New smoker here.  I've been researching and think the SV24 with the natural gas conversion fits the bill for me.  I was also thinking I'd insert a needle valve into the equation to get more precise control after reading that the knob is super sensitive.  

    I'm anticipating needing to run the smoker either overnight with a few checkups or maybe for 3 or 4 hours early in the morning while I sleep.  I was thinking I could use a gas detector to prevent the possibility of the flame blowing out while not attending to the smoker.  

    How long does a typical tray of 2-3" post oak wood chunks and water last?

    Is the recommendation for venting to bend the side tabs in so that the side vents are closed and then open the top vent while using the gas as the single variable to control temp?  Does this maintain a nice steady temperature for reasonably long periods of time assuming the ambient conditions are stable?
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    I have a SV24. A tray of chunks will only last a couple of hours. I have a needle valve installed on mine, but never use it. I put it in to get lower temps for sausage, but ended up just using my MES for that. The factory control works fine for regular hot smoking. I leave the bottom & top vents wide open. Controlling the temp with the burner.


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