Calling all backyard So cal cooks!!

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  1. SoCal Meatup is having it's 3rd Annual Best Backyard cook this Aug 10th.  If you have a smoker, grill, or even a hibachi and want see what you got come on out.  All CBJ's will be judging and we are using KCBS rules and scoring.  You get live feedback from the certified judges unlike a comment card at a certified comp.  We also have seasoned vets available to help with you cook if you need a mentor or tips during the process. 

    All for a $25 buy in!!

    You can get more info at

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  2. 8 teams entered to cook so this is shaping up to be a great backyarder.  Hopefully we can get a few more teams to come out. 
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    Not going to be able to enter this year at least, but if I can possibly make it to this event is it okay to be a spectator and cheer the teams on?
  4. Of course.  We now have 15 teams and I'm also looking for a few more CBJ's as well. 
  5. Looks like the final count is 26 teams, with KCBS Licensing!! And thanks for all the work you put into organizing it Abel!!!! You are going to have my name pre-engraved on the trophies right? [​IMG]
  6. hahah this is going to be a really tough event Todd and I have a few teams that have cooked a couple of KCBS events before so you better bring your A game!  I think my first 3-4 comps I judged many moons ago had less than 26 teams...  Now we have that many for a backyarder!  Just goes to show how the comp side of BBQ is really growing here in CA!
  7. We finished 7th overall, our Hot links killed us. Personal standings:

    Chicken- 9th

    Ribs- 5th

    Sauce- 9th

    Hot Links- 15th

    Open- 3rd

    The results: 1 Smoke Hound BBQ
    2 Big D's BBQ
    3 Bad to the Bone BBQ
    4 BC Smokers
    5 Up N Smoke BBQ
    6 Dee'z Boy'z BBQ
    7 All About The Q
    8 Revolution Barbecue
    9 Green Card Q
    10 Barrick BBQ
    11 Tom Wilson
    12 Brew'n-n-Que'n
    13 Pete's Piggy Barn
    14 T's Famous Southern Style BBQ
    15 Howlin' BBQ
    16 Leroy's Pits
    17 The Q
    18 Fire Mission BBQ
    19 Cue tang Clan BBQ
    20 Smoke U Foo BBQ
    21 Smoking Heavenly BBQ
    22 Island Style Grilling
    23 Smoking Cunados
    24 Evans BBQ
    25 Arthur Beltran
  8. You did pretty well, but the links did hurt.  FYI the first 2 teams took Harry's class and the Dee'z Boys competed before so considering all that you did do VERY well. 
  9. 4 out of 5 top 10's is great for a seasoned team, for a first timer it is a homerun with bases loaded. We would of done better if it wasn't for an "issue" with our fire. Tell you about it at Huntington Saturday.

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