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  1. My neighbor got my fiance and I an electric Cajun Smoker as a wedding present.  I have been wanting a smoker for a long time to make snack sticks as well as to make briskets, piggie butts, chicken and turkey.  I already make jerky in my two dehydrators and we make a lot of deer sausage but we just cold smoke it out in an old shed.  I have never "hot" smoked meat before or used a smoker of any kind, electric or propane, but i love to cook and grill and make a lot of deer sausage, jerky and want to make a lot sticks.  I like the idea how easy the electric is, to just set it and forget it, and not worry about a tank running out or anything like that.  They must have overheard me say I was wanting an electric smoker!  But im curious, is this a good model to have, or is the MES better... or is there another even better option?  I dont really like the idea of the pucks with a Bradley.  I have already purchased an AMNPS for the smoke!  I'm really excited to get started, just want to make sure this thing isnt terrible before i get going on all this meat!  And also, since it was a gift, and from my neighbors who will see it often, I'm really leary to exchange it and not seem gracious, you know, because its an awesome gift from my awesome neighbors!  I am willing to pay for an upgrade though, and they said, if you want something bigger or different we have the receipt and feel free to exchange it.

    Also, I just joined this site but I have been checking it out for a while and it seems like an awesome site with tons of very helpful and very nice people.  Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to the forum amjchf!

    I agree... that's an awesome neighbor! Since you're not familiar with hot smoking my suggestion would be use the Cajun Smoker for a while. Once you have some experience with it you'll be able to make a more informed decision on exactly what you want for an upgrade, if in fact you still want to upgrade.

    You already have a great smoke box in the AMNPS.There are a number of threads from folks who use them successfully in their MESs (which to me look very much like your Cajun), and also showing how to attach a mailbox (or other metal container) to the smoker so the AMNPS can remain outside the smoker.

    Hope you enjoy your new 'toy'.

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