Butt First?, then Ribs??

Discussion in 'Pork' started by papacurtis, May 11, 2013.

  1. papacurtis

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    Afternoon all, want to make a 5#butt tomorrow, and also two racks of St. Louis ribs. Both are rubbed and wrapped in fridge. My question is do i start the butt first, and if so when to put in the ribs, or both at same time? Temps, suggestions, greatly appreciated. Have had this mes30 for two weeks now, and was going to smoke last week, but life got in the way again. Using cherry and apple chips. Hope y'all have an awesome mothers day tomorrow!!
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    Good afternoon PC...Well, you can figure about 1.5 to 2 hours per pound for the butt at about 225*-235*. Less time if hotter. Foiling with some apple juice or whatever your choice of liquid is at about 165* IT will help push through the stall but you'll sacrifice some bark and you can pull out at 195*-205* IT and leave double wrapped in heavy duty foil in a cooler with plenty of towels wrapped around it (I use an old quilt). It will stay hot for many hours. Don't know how you're doing the ribs (3-2-1 or straight out without any foiling) but while the butt is resting the ribs can finish. Plan at least an hour rest for the butt anyway so the juices can redistribute. Also, I run my MES 40 with a dry pan (playground sand instead of water). Do you have an AMNPS? If not, I highly recommend it unless you enjoy feeding it chips every 30-45 min.

    I did two butts a couple weekends ago and they were placed in the cooler at 200* IT, about 6 hours later when removed they were still 165* IT and it's not a high quality cooler that's very old.

    Hope this helps some and don't forget to post pics!! IF it doesn't rain I'll be starting two butts at about 8pm tonight for a get together tomorrow. You'll probably smell my smoke as I'm in Beerfield Beach just east of you and the wind is blowing your direction.

    Happy Smokin' Neighbor,

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  3. papacurtis

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    Thank you Steve!..Hoping to get that Amnps for fathers day. Til then, its got to be chips. Want to serve tomorrow around 4. Put the butt in tonight? Ribs in the morn?
  4. roadkill cafe

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  5. seenred

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    Looks like Steve's got you lined out with good advice...Good luck!  Be sure to show and tell us how it goes!

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  6. roadkill cafe

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    PC, with the butt, just remember the 40*-140*-4 rule.

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  7. papacurtis

    papacurtis Smoke Blower

    Thanks Red and Roadkill. You guys in here are a huge help. Setting my alarm for early a.m. Will try and do some q-view. Meat has been re-seasoned and is out of fridge coming to room temp. We will see how it goes. I am optimistic. I just hope the rub i made, serves the meal well. Not terribly nervous, being that it is only pork, and was not a huge investment. Thanks again for the advice.
  8. roadkill cafe

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    PC, when smoking meat at low temps, you should NOT be bringing the meat to room temp. The meat should be going from being refrigerated at 40* or lower to 140* IT within 4 hours to get it out of the danger zone. Grilling meat is a different story as you're cooking at a much higher temp. Bringing to room temp risks bacteria growth which is not a good thing.

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  9. seenred

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    [​IMG]   What Steve said!!  Once again he's spot on...you don't want to make anyone sick.  Take the butt out of the fridge only minutes before it goes to the smoker and you'll be fine.  Its not a bad idea to bank the temp in your smoker to higher than your cooking temp initially, that way, when you put that cold hunk of butt in there it'll take less time to recover to your intended smoker temp.

    You'll do great!  Pork butt is a very forgiving cut of meat.

    Looking forward to the morning's Qview!

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  10. papacurtis

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    Well, first time in the MES30 and my mothers day guests, gave rave reviews. Thanks to SeenRed. and Roadkill, for their support and suggestions.(and anyone else i may have bothered)  I tried the bits of broken charcoal in the tray with chips, and have to say although they tend to spike the temp a bit, as well as increased smoke for a minute, they do add that flavor i love. All in all, this first foray into smoking pork was a success in my mind. Can't wait for fathers day and an amnps with pellets. That going out to feed the beast every hour is best left to those younger than I. [​IMG]

  11. davidhef88

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    Looks like a great success. I'd take a plate of that any day. Congrats!!
  12. chef jimmyj

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    Your Pork and Ribs look great. Here is a couple of recipes you may like to try next time...JJ

    Foiling Juice

    For each Rack of Ribs Combine:

    1T Pork Rub, yours

    1/2 Stick Butter

    1/2C Cane Syrup... Dark Corn Syrup...or Honey

    1/4C Apple Cider...or Juice

    1T Molasses


    2T Vinegar, 2T Mustard and 1/4C Ketchup to make it more KC Style.

    Simmer 5-10 minutes until syrupy consistency.

    Allow to cool for 5 minutes, pour over foiled Ribs and

    run your 2 hour phase of 3-2-1. For the last phase return

    the ribs to the smoker BUT reserve any Juice remaining

    in the Foil. Simmer the Juice over med/low heat to reduce to a saucy thickness. Glaze the Ribs for presentation or service.

    For Pulled Pork: Make a Double batch, Butter optional or do as I do...Use the Smoked Pork Fat from the drip pan...

    Add 1/2 the batch to the Foil Pack or place it in a Pan with your Butt, when the IT hits 165*F.

    Cover the pan with foil and continue to heat to 205*F for pulling.

    At 205* rest or hold the Butt in a cooler wrapped in towels until ready to serve.

    De-fat the remaining Juice from the foil pack or pan and set aside.

    Pull the Pork and place it back in the pan and add the de-fatted pan Juice and any additional reserved Foiling Juice to moisten and Serve...OR... Bag and refrigerate until needed.

    When re-heating place the Pulled Pork in a Pan or Crockpot and add reserved Foiling Juice or Apple Cider, as needed to make up the Juice that was absorbed while  the pork was refrigerated. Cover and re-heat in a pre-heated 325-350*F oven or on High in the crockpot to 165*F and Serve.

    Note: the addition of the reserved Foiling Juice or Apple Cider should make the PP moist but not Swimming.

    I was AMAZED...No additional sauce needed. Thanks for the inquiries, ENJOY...JJ

    The above is a Sweet Finishing Sauce unless you add the Vinegar. Being a Southern Boy, you may like a Tangy NC Finishing Sauce. This one is great...

    JJ's Finishing Sauce

    2C Apple Cider Vinegar

    2T Worcestershire Sauce or more to taste

    1/4C Brown Sugar

    1T Smoked Paprika

    2 tsp Granulated Garlic

    2 tsp Granulated Onion

    2 tsp Fine Grind Black Pepper

    1 tsp Celery Salt

    1 tsp Cayenne Pepper or Chipotle powder. Add more if you like Heat.

    1/2 tsp Grnd Allspice

    Combine all and whisk well. Let rest, at room temp, 30 minutes for the flavors to meld together.
  13. papacurtis

    papacurtis Smoke Blower

    Chef JJ, your foiling sauce was all up in that pp! I lurked that recipe two weeks before registering here. I used honey and a little cider vinegar. A small tweak if you will. Absolutely De-Lish!! I am a fan and a follower of yours now! Thanks and keep them coming.
  14. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    You're more than welcome. Looks like you hit a home run PC!!! Great looking Q!! And isn't JJ's Foiling Juice da bomb?!?!

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