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    Well, not a total fail.  I actually couldn't quit eating it once I pulled it.  However.....

    A few days ago I smoked a roast and instead of creating a SPOG mixture on the side and applying it, I just coated the meat with mustard and then each ingredient individually.  For my butt, I wanted to use SPOG, paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar.  I got lazy and decided to do it the same way I did my roast, I just slathered on some mustard, then started applying the salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder.... and then there was so much powder, the chili powder wasn't sticking.  So I put on some more cross-hatched mustard, then the rest of the powders.  At the end I sprinkled on some brown sugar, which at this point, was just falling of and not sticking at all.

    After over 20 hours of smoking to get the IT to 200, the meat was absolutely falling apart, but you couldn't taste a hint of smoke anywhere in the meat.  All of those seasonings came out tasting very bland for whatever reason and even the bark didn't really seem to take on the smoke.  It was very disappointing.  I'm guessing the lesson learned is that you can't create a giant barrier around your meat and expect it to get smokey.  I suppose in the future I'll have to actually mix everything first (or just buy some from the store) and apply a reasonable single layer!
  2. Always mix prior to rubbing!!  Also try forgoing the mustard.....you don't need it and it doesn't add to the flavor.  The meat will sweat enough to make the rub stick. 

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    Agreed.  The mustard thing is interesting to me.  People say it acts as a glue, but if you rub it the night before, let it rest, and then throw it onto the smoker and leave the meat alone for a while, the rub will take care of itself and penetrate the meat.  I have tried mustard and I am not a huge fan of using it.

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