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  1. I got hold of a bush pig , the meat is nice but have little fat ,so what now, i am thinking of cold smoking the rib , lighting up only sawdust.

    What is the heat of a cold smoking?i am thinking  of putting the rib in foil after a cold or sawdust smoke, and then in the wood smoker for hours.

    How can i get fat to it ? or should i not worry to much. Do you know the bush pig, its got big teeth.
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    Just throwing out an idea or two here since I'm not really sure what a bush pig is [​IMG]

    If the meat is really lean, how about a bacon weave as a blanket on top of the ribs then into the smoker.  The bacon fat would help baste the ribs as they cook.

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     Good luck

    remember the Qview [​IMG]
  4. I googled it! Although unfamiliar with it, I can't wait to see what you do!
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    [​IMG]OK Im in.Do you mean a domestic pig gone wild,a razorback or is this some warthog type deal? Put some pork fat or fatty cut above it in smoker so it drips onto the lean below. Brine it,it will firm it up. A picture would help.There s a lot of hunters on this forum that can help Im sure.
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    [​IMG]  Any wild animal can have a wide variety of Parasites and the meat may have Bacterial Contamination...I highly recommend Hot Smoking at 110- 120*C to an Internal Temp of 74*C in the thickest muscle...JJ
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    Not going  win any beauty contest.Hot smoke is a definite. 
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    I would defiently hot smoke !!! Chef JJ is right on what he is saying !!!!!
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    Ya. you need to cook that meat. 

    Did you break the pig down into different parts?  Do you have the hams and ribs and tenderloin? 

    You could cure the belly for bacon and then cold smoke.. 

    Can't wait to see the Qview!
  11. Thank you all, I will place another photo also.

    I decided to make sausage of it rather, tomorrow debone, make different kinds, russian and salami, I already have pork belly and special spices.

    the first try was to smoke it with sawdust for 1 hour, then I cooked it in a pressure cooker, about 3 hours , yes it was soft and smoky , bit lean, so tomorrow is another try.

    Of course i will wood smoke a piece with pork on top, i obtained some real hard wood , black heavy wood, that we use for barbecue here .

  12. more to see,perhaps not so nicely done hey ?

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    Man that is a face that only a mother could love! I think grinding it ,adding regular pork fat might be a better option.Hell of a lot of info here from some talented sausage makers.
  14. Men Alive, I made lots and lots of mistakes , haha ,first had the cutting blade wrongway round, but the worst mistake was probably , the way i cut up the pig, dont know the cuts ,just cut ,and mix, so the sausage machine dit not like, meat was full of muscle,  and tendons threads , well it blocked too often.

    so i decided to use the ground meat for salami rather , I smoked it a little , thereafter i will cook it at an hour for 1 inch.

    i should have kept the rear leg separate ,ja and next time , doing it differently

    right nou the selami is cut too fine, perhaps closer to pelony, sorry guys .

    why do some men have all the luck ?, here is another photo.

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    Live and learn, and eat the mistakes they're edible too!
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  16. Looks like a wart hog ?
  17. The bush pig , is dangerous when  wounded, and scarce to see ,they are night eaters, i made some sausages and salami out of the first try, and what a job, in the garage.

    yes i see my next foto is wrong sorry .  Some of the meat is here below is the salami bags

  18. [​IMG]I don't know whats wrong, when i smoke sausage the skin becomes strong,it don't break when twisted, tough like to  eat,

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