building a smoker out of an old stainless steel.

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  1. morales

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    ? Do I remove this insulation.
  2. madman mike

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    you should. Polyurethane spray foam insulation  can be made to withstand the temps of a smoker, but when its used in refrigeration units then its not designed for use in a smoker. Iis hghly recommended you remove it.

    Ive called manufacturers in the past and they said it will not work.  
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  3. 1finder

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    Call manufacturer and speak with tech support. I picked up a SS traulsen double door cooler, called tech support gave model/serial # and was told its the same insulation they put in their hot boxes. Which is good to 200*, fine for sausage 160*ish tops.
    Every unit is different, worth the call...

    Have a coworker who has similar setup and he cooks at 225*- 235* says no issues. He's been doing it for 10+yrs...

    Good luck!!
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