Building a new smoker!

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by bowhunter301, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Hey guys I started a new build out of a 275 gallon tank. I have been uploading the videos to youtube so please let me know any comments or suggestions you have good bad or otherwise. you cant hurt my feelings! I also might be selling this smoker because I have 3 of these tanks so if your interested in something like this let me know. If you decide to watch and want to watch the build from the beginning you can go to my channel there is all 4 parts there!
  2. dukeburger

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    Quite the smoker there, nice fab work!

    I'm looking forward to the day I have a shop like the one you have there. [​IMG]
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  3. Thanks Duke! I have worked my butt off putting this shop together lol I am hoping to be open for full time welding work in 2016 just need a little bigger amperage welder.
  4. one eyed jack

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    Interesting build Rob.  Looks like you've got some good help in your shop.
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  5. Thank you one eyed jack This is the first real project he's helped a lot with and I am enjoying the heck out of it! whats awesome to me is when he gets out of school he comes running out to the shop to see if I'm working on it lol
  6. ​Here is part 5 it doesn't look like I will be cooking with it on thanksgiving like I had hoped lol but its coming along!
  7. one eyed jack

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    I enjoyed the latest video Rob. Your work looks good to me.  I understand being discouraged in missing your Thanksgiving goal but it looks like you should be able to get it done by Christmas.
    Great story about your young man coming looking for you in the shop after school.  It says a lot that he is exited about spending time with you and is interested in your shop projects.  You two should have a lot of good times ahead of you.
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  8. Thanks again One eyed jack! I sure hope to finish soon lol there is always something else to do though lol but its getting there! as for my little guy hes a good kid and eager I am extremely excited that hes more interested in working with me than playing video games. My dad was a welder and pretty old school nobody touched his welder but him and I know I would have given a finger to learn to weld with him lol.
  9. one eyed jack

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    It sure sounds like your doing things right in raising your son Rob.  I never knew what a video game was, growing up, and just can't understand how people, not just kids, can spend so many hours messing with them.  Actually making something is far more gratifying, to me.

    I've been in the trades all my life and have known a good number of guys like your Dad.  You've got to protect your tools on the job but it's a different deal at home with family.
  10. ​ Here is the 6th part of my build. I would like to say I am about done but theres so many small things to still do lol

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