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Discussion in 'Beef' started by sbear55, Jul 2, 2016.

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    I picked up a 15.5lb prime brisket at Costco last week and next to Saturday I'll be doing my first brisket on my green Mountain pellet smoker. The general plan of attack is to trim it up and get a simple salt and pepper rub on it Thursday evening. After that it gets a bit tricky.

    Friends will be over for supper on Saturday evening and we would like to eat between 6-8pm. I'm trying to figure out the timing of getting the meat on the smoker. I can certainly faux cambro for a while if needed. Actually I planned on holding in the cooler for a couple hours before slicing.

    Curveball - I have to be at a kids swim meet Saturday morning and will be away from the smoker from 7am until 1pm. I wish I could stay home and babysit the brisket but that isn't an option.

    Given the circumstances what does anybody have for suggestions on the timing of my cook?!
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    I find with brisket you can cook it early, and warm it up in the oven when needed.   As much as I love to eat when the meat is fresh of the grill or smoker, brisket is more forgiving as far as not tasting like leftovers.  In fact sometime I like the brisket better that way.  And think about it all the BBQ restaurants around do the same thing.  They warm up the slices before serving.  So cook it 8 hours before you need it or even a day before you need it.  Warm it up in the oven and no stress. [​IMG]
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    Sometimes the obvious and practical solution escapes my grasp. I've got Friday off so I'll cook the brisket then, cool, wrap and then reheat and slice on Saturday!
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    How did that timing work out?
  5. How did you reheat your brisket?  Did you keep it whole, reheat (in oven?) and then slice?  Or, slice, chill, and then reheat?  I will be hosting my son's graduation party, and we are expecting about 100-125.  I don't think I can fit all the brisket in one smoke, and may have to split it up.  I experimented this week and bought a brisket from Costco and ended up having to cut it up to fit in my MES 30".  I can probably fit 2 briskets, but to have left overs, and send aways, would like to prepare 3 briskets.  One will probably have to be cooked/smoked ahead of time and chilled/rewarmed for the party.

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