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    When taking a Brisket to 200*, should that be the flat temperature or the point temperature. There is quite a difference in thickness and temperature, it seems.

  2. mofo

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    Jeff talks about internal temp frequently. I'm confused... I was just wondering where the temp probe should be, flat or point.
  3. Hello Buddy.  If you read through the link I sent you will see all the different methods.  Each brisket can be different.  They have a mind of their own.  All goes back to the feeding of the animal.  The age at slaughter time; etc. ect..  That is why some folks have SO much trouble with brisket in my opinion.  Also what grade of brisket to buy.  Why buy wagyu and then cook it low and slow?  It is supposed to be tender anyway.  The Texas tradition of smoking a brisket is taking a TOUGH cut of beef and turning into a thing of deliciousness  that melts in your mouth .  So just buy select grade and do the low and slow.  SO!  You cook brisket to tenderness; NOT temp.  Have you braised a brisket in the oven?  SAME theory.  Braise it until it falls apart.  For sliced brisket take it off a "little" sooner or it will not slice.  START with temp and the use the toothpick test and check for "doneness"  The toothpick should slide in and out in many different places like going into a stick of butter.  Well.  That is how many of us do it.  Keep Smokin!


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