Brisket (Take Two)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bbqbeginner, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Picked up a 7.725lb choice brisket flat yesterday. Brisket is a little thinner in parts than I would have liked. Looks like brisket has a decent fat cap that kind of made it hard to tell in packaging how thick meat actually was.

    Trying to go low and slow in my WSM. Just installed new Cajun Bandit door. No leaks! Why Weber doesn't make that stock is beyond me. I'm running Stubb's briquettes that I picked up at Wally World last night and using the fuse method with no water in pan. Temps have been hard for me to regulate in my first few cooks so trying out the fuse method. Currently at a pit temp of 207 and seems to be holding at that with all vents wide open. It's a cold 31* morning here in WI. Hopefully should get some nice smoke flavor if I can maintain these low temps for longer. Wanted to get done by noon game, but not betting on that happening. Just jumped to 210 as I'm typing! Aiming for 225*. Rubbed with kosher salt/black pepper and A1 as my binder. Injected with beef broth, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, tad bit of cayenne. Usually I wait a few hours to put meat probe in, but decided to probe right away so I don't have to open lid. Fuse method seems to take a lot longer to get up to temp so don't want to lose that by opening unnecessarily. Planning to pull at 150-155 and foil and then back on til 203*, but I will start probing for tenderness at 185. Went fat cap down this time.
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    Wrapped at 153*. Added some of my injection mix in the foil. Brisket had an awesome bark. Don't think my temp ever got more than 240 while I was sleeping on the couch. Went and made an adjustment and hovered around 225 +/- 5 degrees until it was time to foil. Temperature recovery time was minimal, I took meat off and put lid back on right away. Put meat on, got probe in and lid back on with minimal time open. Also had access door open to add more fuel to the fuse. Stubb's seems to burn fairly clean from what I can tell. Temp got back up to 230 fairly quick, made some minor adjudstments and dropped to 205* now. Opened vents up in an attempt to raise temp back up a little. Lid vent has been running fully open all day.
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    Looks good BBQBeginner. Would like hear how it turns out. I've got one one the smoker today but did not inject. Same size flat. Started fat down.
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    I'll keep this updated. I left fat side down even after foil. Hopefully will act as sort of a heat shield to meat and I'm not worried about the fat cap basting the brisket since its foiled.

    Can anyone explain the basting theory? Doesn't seem to me like fat on the outside that just runs off the side really bastes anything if you run fat cap up. All there is is fat up there anyway. So fat is basting fat.
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    All I can say is man that was good. Had to cut away a decent amount of fat at the start, but got leaner as I went from one side to the other. Thinking I probably foiled to early, would've liked a bit more smoke flavor, but flavor overall was really really good. Even the GF that doesn't eat much meat approved. Passed the pull test. Passed the fold test too, although I cut the slices fairly thick. Knife set Im using is not very sharp. Think ending IT temp was around 192-194. Passed my "jiggle" test so made decision to pull it off. Rested for around an hour and 15 minutes. Ended up with a decent smoke ring too. I think I'll try to get some butcher paper for next time. Overall, way more successful than my first attempt last week.
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    bbqb, Looks like a great smoke !
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    Nice ring and looks nice and moist. nice work on your brisky!

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    Nice smoke ring
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    lol:Looks-Great: You did a good job . :points:

  10. bbqbeginner

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    Thanks everyone! Finished the last of it today. Still good reheated.
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    Hey bbqbeginner, it isn't nice to fool people. This smoke looks so good I know you are no beginner! Great smoke.


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