Brisket, Spares, & Jeff's Rub

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  1. Got up at 6am and decided I was going to spend the day around the smoker. Went to the store picked up a 7.5 lb brisket flat and 2 racks of St. Louis ribs. Started my charcoal chimney at 8am, put the brisket on at 9am, and the ribs at 10am. Ribs are for today, brisket tomorrow.
    I'm using Jeff's Texas rub on the brisket, and his original rub on the ribs. (Will be using his sauce for the ribs later.)

  2. Brisket on for 2 hrs, ribs 1 hr. Just spritzed everything down with some beer (forgot to buy apple juice).
    Cooking at 250. Usually I cook a little hotter but I'm not liking at all the way this Wegmans Lump is burning.

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  3. 3 hrs on the brisket, 2 on the ribs.

  4. Looks good, 4 hours in to my first pork butt - probably going to foul it in about an hour with Apple juice - looks like we ave the same smoker.
  5. Looks Great!!!
  6. 4 hours on the brisket. IT @ 175. Ribs (3hrs) coming along nicely.

    Simmering Jeff's bbq Sauce.
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    Looks good so far.

    I like Royal Oak Lump charcoal. I get mine at Wally World.
  8. Brisket smoking 5 hrs, Spares 4 hours. Ribs were sauced half hour ago, and done now. Brisket IT 195. Taking off ribs now, brisket half hour more. Like to get it to 200. Jeff's rub and bbq sauce lookin good on the Q.

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  9. Smoke Complete. Buster waiting!!!

  10. Yeah, usually get royal oak. Figured I'd give this one a try. Back to royal oak.
  11. Best ribs Ive done. Brisket wrapped and resting for a few hours.

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  12. Do you still have the dimensions you used for the side firebox basket?
  13. Looks awesome BTW!
  14. I bought the basket online.
    Basket dimensions are 12x12x6 (not including handle).
    Thanks for the compliment on my Q.
  15. 5 hour rest on the brisket. Soft as butter.

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    Wow...great stuff...
  17. Thanks for the compliment!! Had some leftover brisket the next day with over medium egg on an English muffin with cheese and white horseradish sauce....oh man it was awesome. I should have taken a pic but didn't think about it.

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