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  1. I am planning on doing my first brisket this weekend and I have a few questions:

    1. What if I do not trim the fat?

    2. Should I cook it fat cap up or down?

    3. I plan on using a mix of Hickory and oak, will that be good?

    I will add more questions if I have them.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. mfreel

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    I will trim the fat if it's excessive.  I want about 1/4" of fat.  If I'm doing one, I put the fat cap up.  If I'm doing two or more, I put the ones on top fat cap up and the bottom most one fat down.  Hickory and oak should be perfect.

    How big and at what temp do you plan on doing?
  3. I am planning on doing a 10-12 pound brisket and 230.
  4. mfreel

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    Yum.  Looking at around 15-18 hrs.  I don't foil mine.  Some folks do.  Take lots of pics!!!
  5. I plan on doing the butcher paper wrap for this one.  I will take a lot of pictures!
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    Sounds like a plan.

    Good luck!

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  7. jirod

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    I trim mine more than most I think.  I try not and trim it down to bare meat, but 1/8" or so, about what you want to eat.  I've noticed a lot of people (me included) if the fat cap is too thick will cut it off. I always felt that you lose your rub and smoke flavor then.  So just my method is I like a little fat, but 1/4" or so at max, so I trim it down to about that much (and it will melt down some as it cooks).  As mfreel said, oak and hickory should be a great mix for brisket.
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  8. Sorry I didnt take may pictures but here is what I got


    One with just EVOO salt pepper and garlic powder (this one was better) smoked to 202 and 1 hr rest better bark and flavor than the second one but the responses i got was it fell apart too easy. Smoked it for five hours, wrapped it in butcher paper smoked for another five and a half hours then rested for an hour.

    One with mustard and BBQ Rub (smoked to 165 long stall 4.5 hrs) people were coming over so I threw it into the oven to  an IT of 192, texture for slicing was better than the first okay bark.  Smoked it for five hours, wrapped it in butcher paper smoked for another six hours, in the oven for an hour then rested for 30 min.

    after the first round.  Good smoke ring good flavor and tenderness.  It was all gone after people took seconds.  They said it was the best brisket they had. Sorry for not that many pics, I will do more next time. 
  9. Also, I could not find a whole packer so I bought two flats at Sams Club
  10. Where do people put their probes during the cook? The flat is so much thinner than the point. I was planning to put a probe in the middle of the flat and one in the middle of the point and avoid the seam. Once the point reaches 190-200 pull it?

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