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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tferrickus, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Howdy all, I am fairly new to SMF, I have been checking out all the great tips and advice since getting introduced to the site by getting Jeff's book for Christmas :) But this is my first real post, so here goes! I recently got a new 30" MES, and have done about 5 briskets on it so far, and just can't get it quite perfected. Either tender, but too dry, or moist but a little chewy. I'm planning another one for Sunday, and am going to try foiling for the first time. Planning on smoking for 4-5 hrs then foiling and returning to smoker until an IT of about 200. I've always toweled and coolered my briskets when finished to help tenderize, so my question is, does wrapping in foil eliminate the need for this? I've watched some videos too, and most foilers seem ok with going straight to slicing. They're both supposed to tenderize, so do you only need one? Or will doing both give me the brisket I've been looking for?
    Thank you in advance for any insight!!
  2. I like smoking my briskets in aluminum pans with some beef broth in the bottom of it. I'll baste from time to time till I cover pan with foil to finish cook to 195 IT. Mine are always juicy and tender. Ps, I do let rest for about 1/2 hr or so before slicing.
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    Awesome, thanks Cooknhogz! I was thinking about putting some beef broth in with it when I foiled, this seals it. One last question if you don't mind, do you put the brisket on any type of grate, or let it just sit right in the broth? Thanks again!
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    People on the forum do it both ways. 

    Smoke on the grate then wrap or just leave in the pan the entire time.  I prefer to leave the meat on the grate for the first couple of hours then wrap.  Not sure it makes a lot of difference one way or the other but I think I get more smoke and a firmer end product with the meat on the grate till 160 IT or so.  
  5. I leave in pan fat side down. Here's a couple briskets and some butts on my pull behind
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    I leave it on the grate for the first 3 hours and then foil for the rest of the time. I then leave it to stand for a good 45 minutes afterwards wrapped in an extra couple of layers of foil before slicing.

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