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Discussion in 'Beef' started by bcramer20, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. bcramer20

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    I told the butcher, like i usually do, just get me the biggest brisket you can get(usually comes out 12-14lbs).
    Arrived for pick up yesterday after work and the girl had to sling it over her shoulder to carry it...turns out it is 17lbs...considering i wanted to smoke it all night for the Penn State game tomorrow (today now), i better get this sucker on the grill fast...

    On at 5:45pm at 225
    Currently 7 am at internal is 172
    Im hoping im in good shape
    Current pic -

    Question-can i still do burnt ends if i simply pull brisket at 203, WTC for 2 hours and then split point off for burnt ends (only did burnt ends once before). Or should i separate before WTC?

    Thanks all.
  2. bcramer20

    bcramer20 Newbie

    Getting nervous....should i spritz with worchestershire and broth and reapply more rub. Seems like bark may be lacking-or is it too late?
  3. I would just let it go, I'm sure it will be great  Remember "If your lookin you ain't cookin"

  4. smokinal

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    So how did it turn out?

  5. bcramer20

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    Not my best ever but still very good.
    A bit too salty for my taste. I rubbed with equal parts kosher salt and pepper and garlic powder and did not inject this time.
    I did not separate point and flat, and pulled it at 201...just couldnt wait any longer. I let it rest in foil, towel and cooler for 1.5 hours with some au jus and broth. It was on the smoker for 24.5 hours.
    Tried to make burnt ends and they were falling apart.
    Always room for improvement.

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