Brinkmann Vertical Gas - some "smoke" Q's

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by coco, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. coco

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    I just finished my 2nd smoke in my Brinkmann Vertical gas smoker I bought from Home Depot. The metal is a little thin, as expected for the price, but I really like the 2 doors, and the burner appears to be very effective so far. In short, it's proving to be a great starter unit. I just smoked about 4-5 lbs of chicken drumsticks, and thighs last night.

    So, the question...I'm thinking the smoke is a little intense from the get-go. I put a few "chunks" of mesquite or hickory, and then some "chips" of apple, cherry, etc. I think the chips are burning too fast and producing too much smoke. The chunks are a little heavy at the start, but settle in REALLY nice. Just great TBS. Do others with propane smokers put the chips/chunks in during pre-heat to "smooth" out the smoke after a few minutes? I'm thinking if I put chips in foil with a few holes, and the chunks in when I start it, it might be really good TBS when the food is ready to first go in the smoker.

    Any other suggestions appreciated.
  2. mgnorcal

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    Yeah, I always give the wood a little time to simmer down.
    The smoke when it first starts can be a little off -too biting and white and billowy.
    I wait until it has settled down a little before adding meat, around 5-10 min or so.
    I use mostly chunks during the smoke, and I just toss a handful of chips in the pan any time I have to open the door to get the smoke production ramped back up.

    Another thing I do, and I think some others do too, is put a few pieces of charcoal in the pan with the wood. This helps in a few different ways to give better flavor and smoke-ring. I use a high quality lump from oak or mesquite wood. Natural briquettes will work too, but wait until they are ashy before adding the meat.
  3. rdknb

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    I have the same smoker as you and I am very happy with it. As I preheat it I put i the soaked chips and remember a little goes a long way. I also drilled a small hole on the side to put the probe wire.
  4. mballi3011

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    Now I have a couple of gas vertical smokers (gosm and smoke vault) and I use a chip/chunk pan with both of mine. I don't put wood into the smoker till just before the meat goes in for I don't think like wasting the smoke on nothing in the smoker either. Onw main thing that I think you ned to work on the that is the Qview I haven't seen any yet. What Up Dog???
  5. coco

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    Thanks for all the replies. I'm doing baby back ribs, and throwing some chicken sausage on there since I'll have the space. I think I have a better idea on how it smokes, heats up, etc now that I have 2 under my belt.

    My last two smokes have been waaaayyy too rushed. I got all afternoon...qview coming today. :)

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