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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by toque16, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. toque16

    toque16 Newbie

    Good morning, just purchased this Brinkman, rectangular upright box smoker, had trouble bringing up to heat. Any suggestions on how to increase the temp.
  2. raceyb

    raceyb Smoking Fanatic

    I responded to a post similar to this only to discover later it was an off set fire box type. If your upright is the square smoke n pit with a water bowl and a charcoal bowl, and only if, the instructions below might help you as they did me....

    I have two Smoke N Pits, a new one and one from the late 80's. In the new one, the only way to hit those temps are as follows...

    #1. In the bottom of the box, using a uni-bit, drill one hole on each side about the size of a quarter. When you are not smoking at high temps, these holes can be covered with fridge magnets or dollar coins. The holes will draw in additional air, and can be used as drain holes when hosing out your smoker.

    #2. Drill about 8 1/2" holes on opposite sides of the charcoal bowl. You'll end up with a total of 16 holes, 8 on each side. Space the holes and include some near the bottom of the pan.

    #3. Purchase a small sheet of expansion metal, light gauge will do. Take a paper plate and using a black marker, draw a circle about 1/2" larger then the plate. Use the plate for a guide. We have to use something to support the metal mesh, I used the circular ring off of a beer can chicken holder. Anything metal will do, just so long as it is clean metal. Place the metal ring on bottom of pan, and place mesh on top. Now air will flow freely through your charcoal pan. A few taps on the side and ash will drop below the mesh we inserted.

    Using these mods and LUMP COAL, I was able to hit over 400 degrees reliably and consistently. Just make sure to cover those two holes in bottom on smoker when you are low temp smoking.
  3. sumosmoke

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    Hello - welcome to SMF! First off, please introduce yourself to the gang in the Roll Call section. Provide location, type of smoker, and interests.

    Onto your smoker question: did you have the dampers wide open? how much coal did you start with/burn? What kind of charcoal did you use? Any wood involved in the first fire up?

    There are quite a few mods that have been made to the Brinkman's. Hang out and search around a bit and you'll be surprised at what a few little mods can do for your smoker.
  4. toque16

    toque16 Newbie

    thanks for your help. It is the one with the bottom charcoal pan and water dish above.
  5. raceyb

    raceyb Smoking Fanatic

    Ok, then we are on the same page. If you need any help and you have aim, my AIM nick is in my profile, hit me up and I'll answer any questions that you have or share pictures if needed.

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